2023 Trending Teleserye Kissing Scenes

While kissing scenes are a common element in teleseryes, certain ones are done in a way so surprising and memorable that they become trending topics and favorites among viewers. Here are the most talked-about onscreen kisses of 2023.


Coco and Lovi’s unscripted goodbye kiss

Let’s start off with Coco Martin and Lovi Poe’s unscripted kiss in FPJ’s Batang Quiapo. In the story, their characters Tanggol and Mokang found themselves caught between the clutches of fate. Their sad separation was hanging in the air amid the police chase, so before Mokang let Tanggol escape, in a daring act of raw emotion, she kissed him on the lips — their first but sad kiss. After the scene aired, Lovi revealed via social media post that she and Coco have been doing some of their scenes, including that heartbreaking kiss, with no script.


Coco and Ivana’s dream sequence

Coco’s another kiss scene in the series, this time with Ivana Alawi, set social media on fire. The two got temperature soaring as they shared a passionate kiss and slept together, which happened to be just a happy dream of Ivana’s character, Bubbles.


Jennica and Christian’s slow-burn romance

Fans of Lala (Jennica Garcia) and Max (Christian Bables) in Dirty Linen got their taste of a happy ending after the characters’ months-long tragic quest for retribution as the pair was hinted to have made their relationship official through a tender kiss. And it was worth the wait, considering the characters’ slow-burn romance.


Janine and Zanjoe’s rule-breaking smooch

In the world of Dirty Linen, love was a dangerous game to play, but Alexa (Janine Gutierrez) defied the rules of the game by falling for Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo) which they confirmed when she seemingly savored the enchantment woven into his kiss.


Janice and Andrea’s unexpected brushing of lips

The revelation about Leona (Janice de Belen) and Olga (Andrea del Rosario)’s secret affair in Dirty Linen was a total shock on its own, but to see the two seasoned actress agree to an on-screen smooch was an even bigger surprise. Netizens praised the tandem’s professionalism.


Zaijian and Miggy’ ‘special’ kiss

The cast members of Senior High never runs out ways to surprise the audience. One of the most trending moments that caught wild reaction from the viewers was the unexpected kiss of characters Tim (Zaijian Jaranilla) and Poch (Miggy Jimenez) – their first real kiss, which hinted that their feelings are mutual.


JC and Jane’s passionate love

Our afternoons have been intensely hot since JC De Vera and Jane Oineza starred in the drama series Nag-Aapoy Na Damdamin, where their characters used to play husband and wife, hence the passionate kiss scenes to add realism to the story, eliciting big reactions from the viewers.

Which is your favorite among these trending teleserye kissing scenes of 2022, Kapamilya?