Top 5 FPJ Movie Quotes To Help You Win At Life

Seasons are changing; times are hard. But if there’s something that we can learn from all these, it’s that these moments help us grow and make us stronger. And who better to inspire us to be strong and win at life than Da King, Fernando Poe Jr.!

How timely is it that we are celebrating his birth month this August? So, as we remember him and the mark he left, let’s read through 5 of his most iconic movie lines that will remind us of what truly matters and help us win the game of life!

1. “Umpisahan mo, tatapusin ko!”

This classic FPJ line from the 1983 movie “Umpisahan Mo… Tatapusin Ko!” reminds us that the battles we’re currently facing aren’t about who or what started it; it’s about who continues the fight and emerges victorious in the end. So, just stay strong and don’t give up--you’ll get that sweet win!

2. “Hindi pa tapos ang laban!”

This Carding Villamar classic line from “Hindi pa Tapos ang Laban” is a great reminder that a battle is never over until you say it’s done. As long as there’s a winning chance--no matter how small it is--you have every right to fight for what is right and what you truly deserve!

3. “Hindi ako tumakas… Tumalikod ako sa isang pakikipaglaban na walang katuturan.”

In order to win, you have to choose your battles carefully, too. As FPJ’s Gonzalo in the movie “Santiago” puts it: not all battles are meant to be fought. Sometimes, it’s better to turn your back and walk away, especially when the fight does (absolutely) no good to anyone. 

4. “'Wag mong sabihing malakas ka! 'Wag mong sabihing marami kang tauhan! At 'wag mo ring sabihing marami kang salapi… pare-pareho lang tayo…”

FPJ in “Isang Bala Ka Lang” reminds us that we’re all the same in the greater scheme of things. And the sooner we humble ourselves and accept this fact, the sooner we get to enjoy the real beauty of life with the people who matter. A true win if you ask us!

5. “Kung kayo lang ang magiging kaibigan ko, bibili na lang ako ng aso.”

They say that it is during the hard times that you are able to see who your real friends are. In “Ako ang Huhusga,” this line reminds us that it’s better to be alone--or to be with our FURiends--than to be around a bunch of people who aren’t true to us.

From life lessons to words of encouragement, you can count on Da King’s characters to say just what you need to hear. And if you ever need more of it, you can always watch (and re-watch) the FPJ classics!

We know that life can be a battle at times, but we can always channel our inner palaban selves to rise up to the challenges, become our own heroes, and ultimately win at life!