Teleseryes with shocking conclusions

There’s an oft-quoted aphorism that says “All good things must come to an end.” And this doesn’t only apply in real life, but also in the fictional narratives that we watch or read, which include the teleseryes that we have seen over the years.

Being the last hurrah of any series, the finale is usually among the most highly anticipated and most remarkable episodes as it wraps up everything that the viewers have seen throughout a show’s run, as well as provides a conclusion that may or may not leave viewers satisfied and vindicated for devoting countless minutes or hours watching it until the very end. 

While many of us are certainly always looking forward to happy endings, some teleseryes left audiences initially appalled and eventually pleased with how the narrative turned out in the culmination, such as the ones we listed in this feature.


Walang Hanggan (2012) 


Definitely one of the greatest love stories we’ve ever seen in the entire TV history, Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes) are great testaments of the customary wedding vow “till death do us part” as they’re able to continue their romance even after they both died. Katerina died after being fatally shot when she figured in the bloody altercation between Daniel and her brother Tomas (Joem Bascon).

Not long after, it was Daniel who faced his death after the infuriated Tomas gunned her down during their skirmish while the former was grieving by his beloved wife’s grave. Katerina and Daniel reunited in the afterlife where they’re able to continue their love that is eternal, or “Walang Hanggan.”


Flordeliza (2015)


While deaths are inevitable, especially when the culmination of the series is approaching, not everyone arguably saw the tragic demise of Flor, played by former child star Ashley Sarmiento in the afternoon soap opera Flordeliza,coming as it happened because of her unbelievable decision to sacrifice her own life for the sake of her half-sister Liza (Rhed Bustamante). 

As their dad Crisanto (Marvin Agustin) tried his best to save both of them from falling off the cliff despite sustaining a gunshot wound on his left shoulder after his intense skirmish with their abductors Daisy (Valerie Concepcion) and Thomas (Al Gatmaitan), Flor decided to let of Crisanto’s grip in order for him to surely save Liza while she plunged into her death.  


Ngayon At Kailanman (2018) 


Another love story with a quite tragic end that we’ve witnessed was of Inno and Eva, portrayed by former reel-and-real-life sweethearts Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto in the 2018 primetime series Ngayon At Kailanman.

They were both killed by his brother Oliver (Jameson Blake), who was totally bitter and in opposition to their relationship because of the romantic feelings that he harbored for Eva.  

Inno initially attempted to pacify the mad Oliver who was then yielding a gun, but to no avail as he shot both of them which led to their demise. Staying true to their promise of being “solid,” they got reunited in the afterlife where they continued their happily ever after.  


Dirty Linen (2023) 


Since its Day 1, Dirty Linen never fell short in satisfying and exciting viewers in every episode, with its finale not being an exception. Ardent viewers witnessed the gradual downfall of the powerful yet corrupt Fiero family in the episodes leading to its conclusion, including the demise of its mighty matriarch Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas). It was indeed the culmination of Alexa (Janine Gutierrez) and Team Resbak’s efforts in avenging the deaths of their loved ones, even though it caused the death of Abe (Joel Torre). 

But what made the finale more epic and satisfying was how it capped off with Carlos (John Arcilla) and Leona (Janice de Belen) being trapped inside the underground hideout where they both ran as he detonated the bomb he planted within the mansion premises. A huge fraction of debris covered the doorway, making it impossible for them to go out nor be heard by anyone from the outside. This made Carlos go nuts as he kept on reiterating that they still won since they had their wealth and he made his mom proud, while Leona lamented how she doesn’t deserve this kind of punishment. 


Senior High (2023) 


Another controversial series ever produced by ABS-CBN, Senior High lived up to its hype until the end. While the way things wrapped up for some of the characters received mixed reactions from ardent viewers, many were delighted that it was still a good ending for majority of them, especially the Northford High senior high school completers who were yet to embark on the next chapters of their lives after everything that happened at their school.  

At the same time, we were also shocked to find out that the main antagonist Gov. William Acosta (Mon Confiado), who was the root cause of all the hullabaloos, was still alive after being presumed dead when he fell off the building during his encounter with Sky (Andrea Brillantes) and Z (Daniela Stranner).