Love Teams Long Passionate Kisses

Love is definitely in the air. And one of the many ways that we can express it is by giving our significant others a smooch (or even more!). While many make sure to reserve their first kiss for the special person they’re going to be romantically tied with, some who had it with someone to whom they’re not in a relationship (or maybe not yet).

And latter’s the usual case in showbiz, for there are celebrities who had their first kiss while acting on the set of a movie or TV show – just like the loveteams in this special feature who bravely took on the challenge of doing a long, passionate kiss just on the very first time that they did it in a teleserye.


Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, My Girl


The Filipino adaptation of the 2005 hit Korean drama of the same title might not be their first-ever teleserye ever since their momentous Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1 stint, but it was through here that Kim and Gerald had their first onscreen kiss as they portrayed Jasmine and Julian. From being his personal translator for all his transactions with Chinese businessmen, Julian went on to hire Jasmine to pretend as his long-lost cousin in order to fulfill the last wish of their grandfather. As they got closer, the two eventually fell in love and they were able to overcome the obstacles that hindered them from becoming a couple.

In one of their dates in “My Girl,” Jasmine teased Julian for giving her a “kiss pang-lola” after he gave her a peck on the forehead. Thus, he took on the challenge and surprised her with a long, passionate kiss not just once, but twice – which apparently made her blush.


Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, Make It With You


Just like KimErald, Liza and Quen had already done several projects as a tandem before they had their first teleserye kiss. And it happened when they did the 2020 series Make It With You, wherein they made our hearts flutter as Gabo and Billy. Their relationship might have had a rough start, but they eventually learned to get along and even apologized for crossing one another.

While a hug is already enough, Billy and Gabo apparently got too comfortable during their heart-to-heart talk, which resulted in an intimate moment between them that even got their housemates in Croatia shookt, literally and figuratively.


Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, Love In 40 Days


Avid shippers of Loisa and Ronnie were also stunned and delighted when the real-and-reel-life sweethearts had their first-ever onscreen kiss in Love In 40 Days, which is their first teleserye as the lead actors. Making their first onscreen kiss extra special was how they did it – slow and full passion. Just when Edward thought that it was happening for real, it was later revealed that it was only a dream as he fell asleep on his bed while singing and playing his guitar. Besides, it was also impossible to happen since he had a mortal body, while Jane was a wandering ghost.


Jane de Leon and Joshua Garcia, Mars Ravelo's Darna


Just on the very first time that they worked together in Mars Ravelo’s Darna, Jane and Joshua unhesitatingly accepted the challenge of kissing each other for millions of people around the world to see. From having a hate-at-first-sight kind of connection, their characters Narda (sometimes Darna) and Brian eventually fell in love and went on to save people together from hooligans and Extras.

Although it took them quite some time to be officially together since Narda was initially hesitant to express how she really felt about Brian, there seemed to be no need for confirmation from her anymore as she responded to his kiss. She might be startled at first, but she eventually got overcome by emotions and gave in. But Narda immediately pulled back upon realizing what they were doing.


Andrea Brillantes and Kyle Echarri, Senior High


Since both of them are of the same age and started in showbiz relatively young, it’s really impossible for Kyle and Andrea to not cross paths and work together in the past years. They had been paired with other young stars a couple of years ago, but the two besties eventually saw themselves being teamed up with each other in Senior High as Sky and Obet.

And during their school’s promenade, we’d witnessed their first-ever onscreen kiss, either as a loveteam or as individual artists. It might be considered young love, but we really felt how sincere and genuine their love was for each other through their heartwarming conversation while having their sweet and intimate dance. While we found ourselves so absorbed by the moment, viewers were surely surprised and stoked to see Sky and Obet kiss not just once, but twice!


Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino, Linlang


From young love, let’s cap off this with the romantic kiss shared by Kim and Paulo in Linlang during the wedding scene of their characters Juliana and Victor. Both of them may have been in the industry for two decades now and were paired with different actors throughout their careers, but it was just their first time working opposite each other in this controversial series.

Apart from their exchange of vows and sharing of dreams, we also witnessed Juliana and Victor’s tender kiss as husband and wife – which is also Kim and Paulo’s first kiss as an onscreen tandem.

Which of these loveteams set the butterflies in your stomachs aflutter the most, Kapamilya?