The Ultimate Cinemalaya Watchlist: A Film to Stream Everyday!

Did you miss Cinemalaya’s streaming last August? Don’t worry, iWantTFC has got you covered! They’ve added over 80 titles to their roster—you wouldn’t know which one to watch first!

To help you out, we’ve carefully curated a Cinemalaya Watchlist. Mark your calendars and get ready to #StreamConsciousness on iWantTFC everyday until November 14!

October 31

TOKWIFI by Carla Pulido Ocampo, (Best Film, NETPAC Jury Prize)

The fact that this short feature won the Best Film and NETPAC Jury Award is already more than enough of a reason to watch this film, but it also pays to know that its plot is perfect for halloween. Picture this: A 1950s mestiza star, trapped inside a television, develops feelings for an Igorot man—undoubtedly giving off those Twilight Zone vibes!


November 1


Feeling melancholic? Here’s a fitting film to watch on All Saint’s Day. John flies home where he finds their furniture in one corner, the dining table rearranged, and their bedrooms repurposed— all set for his father’s funeral. 


November 2

ANG GASGAS NA PLAKA NI LOLO BERT by Janina Gacosta & Cheska Marfori

Here’s something to satisfy your nostalgia fix! A closeted gay man in his 60s has been living with HIV for a decade. His life changes when he receives an old vinyl record from his ex-lover who passed away.


November 3

FATIGUED by James Robin Mayo

Have you ever had those nights when you would oversleep because of too much work? If so, you might find this quite relatable.


November 4

QUING LALAM NING ALDO (UNDER THE SUN) by Reeden Fajardo, (Audience Choice Award)

Short but sweet, this film will give you all the feels. It’s about a transgender sampaguita farmer who decides to spruce up their kitchen once she heard that her son is going home.


November 5

LIVING THINGS by Martika Ramirez Escobar, (Best Direction)

If you’re into perplexing storylines, check this out! Kints wakes up and discovers that her long-time lover Charles has turned into a cardboard standee!


November 6

PABASA KAN PASYON by Hubert Tibi, (Best Screenplay)

The 14-minute drama features an elderly woman who sings the traditional "pasyon,” while her middle-aged son acts as her manager.


November 7

UTWAS (Arise) by Richard Salvadico & Arlie Sweet Sumagaysay

Thanks to their unique camera work and bold use of light and color, Salvadico and Sumagaysay were able to create a realistic masterpiece! The film tells the story of Toto who tries to learn the ins and outs of being a fisherman,  discovering issues like dynamite fishing and plastic pollution along the way.


November 8

THE SLUMS by Jan Andrei Cobey

If you’re looking for something to perk you up, check out this mockumentary film about an underprivileged family living in Tondo, undeniably excited to be featured on TV!


November 9

EXCUSE ME MISS, MISS, MISS by Sonny Calvento

A wonderfully quirky indie short: Vangie, a department store sales lady finally discovers the ultimate secret to regularization.


November 10 


Discover the great lengths a father will go to find his missing son.


November 11


Shocked by the death of his parents, a teenage boy is left with the responsibility to look after his siblings as he confronts the grave effects of neglecting nature.


November 12

FACULTY by Jerrold Tarog

Created by the genius behind Heneral Luna, Faculty revolves around the story of two teachers from a private college clashing over their contradicting views on education.


November 13

HAZARD by Mikhail Red

There’s just nothing like a father and son drama! Here, they go out for a drive only to discover that they have different views in life. 


November 14

BABAE by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo

This is the coming-of-age story of two women who live in the slums, right beside the railroad tracks. Despite film being in black-and-white, the colorful narratives of these ladies add so much life to the piece.


After going through the watchlist, all you have to do is to get a Festival Pass via or the mobile app, et voilà—you get to access over 80 Cinemalaya titles for only P149! You can even watch 2-3 films per day if you wish! Just remember, you only have until November 14, 2020 to stream to your heart’s content, so get your passes now and start your Cinemalaya marathon!