Teleserye Plot twists 2022

The year 2022 had no shortage of major astounding events for us Filipinos whether that be in the world of politics, social media, or entertainment. In that vein, the telseryes we loved this year hooked us with plot twists we never saw coming – ranging from ‘kilig’ to extremely mind-exploding.  

As 2022 ends, let us look back on these best teleserye surprises, twists and turns.


That mind-blowing ‘bulong’ in A Family Affair 



It’s the plot twist of all plot twists. Just when we thought it was over, A Family Affair left us with a truly bewildering and unsettling cliffhanger. 

The bulk of the series was linked to Drew (Jameson Blake) assaulting Cherry (Ivana Alawi)’s father Panyong (Lito Pimentel) which they believed caused the latter’s death and which Dave (Sam Milby) helped cover up as ordered by their dad, Freddie (Edu Manzano).

In the finale episode, however, just when the Estrella Brothers and Cherry thought they cracked the mysterious ties between their families, Paco got a hold of a CCTV footage that revealed the ultimate mastermind of the mess they all suffered from. As shown in the video, Panyong managed to regain consciousness after he was repeatedly hit by Drew. He engaged in a blood-curdling confrontation with Freddie and divulged his knowledge about Freddie’s involvement in the killing of his wife and grabbing of their land. 

But the greatest reveal was when Panyong said he also keeps a secret enough of a vengeance. He whispered that secret to Freddie. Whatever that is, it’s sure so crooked that Freddie was pushed to his limits and killed Panyong on the spot. The end. We haven’t slept tight after as we racked our brains trying to decode what Panyong whispered to Freddie. It’s a secret that will continue to haunt us until the creatives decide to execute a new season.


Mara’s unexpected reappearance in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano



Up to the last episode, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano brought action-packed and ‘kilig’ surprises to the viewers. The epilogue to Cardo (Coco Martin)’s seven years-long mission witnessed him settling for a simpler life in the province. He was driving around when he saw Mara (Julia Montes), whom viewers presumed dead after she was thrown into the sea by her vengeful adoptive parents Armando (John Estrada) and Lolita (Rosanna Roces). It was a total shock to know Mara is alive, and at the same time, ‘kilig’ when she and the hero cop exchanged smiles by the seaside, hinting at their possible romance. 


Paulo Avelino’s awakening in Flower of Evil



Flower of Evil kept us in the dark about who the real Jacob del Rosario is, which is why Paulo Avelino’s ominous appearance as Henry (Edu Manzano) and Carmen (Agot Isidro)’s son, asleep in a coma and locked up in a secret room in their house, was a trending revelation.  In an interview with Metro, Paulo mentioned the production kept mum about his participation in the series for an added layer of mystery – and truly, we were genuinely creeped out by his crazy portrayal.  After Paulo’s character regained consciousness, the series began to take even more twists and turns as his psychopathic nature and past killings were slowly revealed.


Eloy and Lolo Sir’s connection in 2 Good 2 Be True



The most heartwarming plot twist in 2022! Viewers of the beloved rom-com series were as shocked as Eloy (Daniel Padilla) himself when he found out Hugo aka Lolo Sir (Ronaldo Valdez) is his biological grandfather. Eloy was astonished by the huge disclosure, considering he was secretly investigating Lolo Sir as the probable culprit behind his mom Hannah/Miriam (Mickey Ferriol)’s accident, which caused her death. At the same time, it added excitement to Eloy and Ali (Kathryn Bernardo)’s blossoming romance at the time. Basically, this big reveal in 2 Good 2 Be True brought us so much feels!


Jane is alive in Love In 40 Days 



Admit it – you thought Edward (Ronnie Alonte) was going to die, too, as the only way for him to share a happy ending with Jane (Loisa Andalio), who was slated to cross over to the afterlife on her 40th day in Evergreen Mansion, the hotel for souls. But, much to everyone’s surprise, the reason Jane couldn’t permanently leave this world is that she is still alive, although unconscious on a hospital bed. The satisfying reveal in Love In 40 Days  brought us viewers a sense of hope about the lead pair’s love story, and we can all agree that it exceeded our expectations.


The sweetest plot twist in Dr. Jill’s life in The Broken Marriage Vow



After all the hurt and trauma she’s been through, Jill, brilliantly portrayed by Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Actress Jodi Sta Maria, found someone new to love in Baguio – Gabby (Jake Ejercito) – although they haven’t made their relationship official up to the finale episode. We viewers thought Gabby coming into Jill’s life was unexpected in that she’s been so focused on fixing the remnants of her separation with David (Zanjoe Marudo). But it was, of course, a welcome treat. Just like Paulo’s participation in Flower of Evil, Jake’s appearance in The Broken Marriage Vow wasn’t talked about during promos. He just surprised everyone in the middle of the story. In addition to that, his chemistry with Jodi was unexpectedly electrifying.

Is there anything more satisfying than an exciting, jaw-dropping plot twist? With the line-up of Kapamilya teleseryes in 2023, we’ll surely be treated to more killer surprises.