The local TV shows, movies that scared these stars as kids

Kids of the 90s and early noughties had unforgettable fright nights, thanks to top-tier local scaretainment mostly inspired by Philippine folktales, mythologies, and all kinds of supernatural stories passed on from generations. Remember !Oka Tokat and Nginiiig? Get ready for a chilling trip down memory lane as Kapamilya stars pick the local TV show or movie that spooked their childhood.

When we talk about iconic horror shows, ABS-CBN’s !Oka Tokat is a sure standout, with its vibe that’s both scary and cool. Agot Isidro led the pack of popular stars as Rona del Fierro, a journalist that investigates paranormal events.

The weekly series gave kids nightmares and trauma. It’s Showtime Online Universe host Ana Ramsey said she got a clown phobia after watching an episode. “Student ako that time. May napanood ako about sa clown. Simula nun, kapag a-attend ako ng birthday party, hindi ako nakikipag-socialize kasi takot na ako sa clown.”

After the successful run of !Oka Tokat from 1997-2002, ABS-CBN revived the mood of horror aficionados via Nginiiig in 2004. It’s a horror-themed documentary hosted by Raymond Bagatsing that recounted ghost stories through interviews infused with haunting, morbid visuals. Did you feel the ‘nginiiig’ watching this TV show? Miles Ocampo did, saying she and her cousins would gather in front of the small screen for some weekend scare.

Lotlot de Leon’s acting resume has a long list of horror films that we often see in yearly Halloween marathons. But the actress who had numerous encounters with tiyanaks and aswangs in the big screen also had her fair share of sleepless nights, thanks to the classic “Regal Shocker.”

“Shake, Rattle and Roll” gave kids a ton of bedtime enemies. The film series brought terror especially through the episodes about urban legends and its monstrous imagery. It was the ultimate source of terror for Jeremiah Lisbo and Gigi de Lana, as well as ex-PBB Connect housemate Ella Cayabyab.

Besides the plot and visuals, we remember horror films for its eerie music and scoring. There was a time when the freaky chant “May inuwi si Nanay, si Nanay sa bahay” from “Feng Shui” had every kid asking to be chaperoned in CRs and dark rooms. It’s about a housewife who chanced upon a mysterious ancient Chinese bagua believed to bring good luck. But her streak of fortune came with a prize – the life of her family and people close to her.

The Kris Aquino-starrer brought Gail Banawis to her first Pinoy horror movie experience. It’s also the favorite of Michelle Vito, who couldn’t dare look at a bagua mirror back then. Plus, the sound of Lotus Feet walking was hard to unhear.  

Michelle also mentioned “Sukob,” another big screen classic from Philippine Cinema’s Horror Queen. “Sukob” is taken from the Pinoy superstition that warns of bad luck when one ties the knot in the same year an immediate family member dies or gets married. Kris was joined by Optimum Star Claudine Baretto in the Chito S. Roño masterpiece. Do you miss that creepy flower girl at Sandy (Kris) and Diana (Claudine)’s wedding?

How about the haunted refrigerator in Andi Eigenmann and JM De Guzman’s horror movie “Pridyider”? This would have to be the most terrifying Pinoy film for ex-PBB housemate Ralph Malibunas.

He also recalled “Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara,” the 1995 film that was adapted into an ABS-CBN TV series in 2008. It’s about a woman who killed herself out of paranoia and jealousy towards her half-sister. And to exact vengeance, the restless soul haunted her sister’s place through a doll and her young daughter.

What TV shows and movies gave you a spooky childhood, Kapamilya?