The iWant Original To Watch Next, Based On Your Current Mood

We all have fleeting moods hovering around during the enhanced community quarantine. There are some days when you feel alright, and then there are nights when you feel beaten down and exhausted. And if it’s one of those days when you’re in the mood for a little distraction, iWant’s got you covered! To help you cope in these trying times, iWant is offering over thousands of titles that you can watch for FREE—including Originals, perfect for every mood!

For when you need a pick-me-upper

Nothing beats the feeling of cozying up on your couch while streaming a feel-good rom-com! If you’re in the mood for something light and funny, catch Wild Little Love starring ½ of the Gold Squad, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin. Set in Quiapo, the film follows the story of a rebellious rich girl named Max, who is forced to enroll in a state university—a far cry from her privileged life. There, she meets an unlikely match,  Jake, who opens her eyes to the realities of life.


The iWant Original To Watch Next Based On Your Current Mood 1


For when you need a karamay

Mark Neumann, Paolo Gumabao, Fino Herrera and Awra Briguela star in Mga Batang Poz, a six-episode series directed by Chris Martinez. It tells the story of four HIV-positive teenagers who try to find solace in friendship as they grapple with stigma. Relevant and timely, the series is a good way to educate parents and kids alike about sex, sexuality, and HIV—misconceptions and all.


The iWant Original To Watch Next Based On Your Current Mood 2


For when you're feeling daring

MOMOL Nights. Peng (Kim Molia) has always believed that sex is supposed to be sacred. In an attempt to help her move on from a failed relationship, her friends challenge her to MOMOL (make out, make out lang) with complete strangers—one of the rules being to never get emotionally attached. Everything goes according to her non-committal plans, until she meets Marco (Kit Thompson), that one guy who ultimately levels up her MOMOL Nights to one-night stands.


The iWant Original To Watch Next Based On Your Current Mood 3


For when you're caught in a sticky situation

FLUID. After breaking up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, Jacob (Joross Gamboa), Mitch (Roxanne Barcelo) explores another aspect of her sexuality by dating ladies instead. After several attempts, she eventually crosses paths with George (Ann Colis), an out-and-proud lesbian who challenges Mitch to defy societal boundaries of love. Will she forgive Jacob and give him another chance or will she take a leap of faith and choose George? We’ll leave it up to you to find out!


The iWant Original To Watch Next Based On Your Current Mood 4


For when need suspense in your life

Sam Milby and Yassi Pressman star in this mystery-thriller, The Tapes. The story revolves around Sonny Cruz and Alice Lagaac, two cops dedicated to solve a murder case and expose people masked as demonic figures in a small secluded town. If you’re planning to stream this, make sure you’re ready for some intense suspense!


The iWant Original To Watch Next Based On Your Current Mood 5


We may have different moods and different ways to cope. One thing’s for sure, though: we all want to get through this. So whatever your feels are, we only hope that these Originals will help ease you back into a sense of normalcy, at least for a little while.

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