The Best Scenes from Your All-Time Fave Pinoy Series

Three months into quarantine, and some might still feel anxious right now, maybe restless or alarmed because of everything that’s happening around the world. To help provide a bit of respite to those who need it, we’ve come up with a list of the best scenes from your fave Pinoy series—taking you back to the good old days.

1. When #CLeah had their first real kiss in On the Wings of Love

OTWOL had a lot, and we mean a lot of kilig moments, but the most memorable in our book would be that time when the couple celebrated the approval of Leah’s US Citizenship—sealing it with the perfect first real kiss. It shook JaDine fans to the core and made our hearts scream, “Achieve! Ikaw na! Juskolord!”

2. When Joaquin proposed to Chichay in Got to Believe

When Chichay entered the Manansala residence to work as Joaquin's personal nanny, Joaquin played a prank on her with a booby trap, hanging her upside down.

Years later, he was the one, uhm.. “hanging around” as he proposed to Chichay a la Spider-Man! Without a doubt, we got the “best ending ever!”

3. When Amor sought vengeance in Pangako Sa ‘Yo

“Matitikman ninyo ang batas ng alipin!” Who could ever forget that time when the tormented Amor (Eula Valdez) ultimately vowed to avenge herself against her enemies? Indeed, it was the turning point for her—the entry point of her transformation into THE reigning Amor Powers.

4. When Santino tried to heal Bro’s wounds in May Bukas Pa

After seeing Bro's wounds, Santino tried to mend them.

I’m not crying… you are. I mean, this is what a pure heart looks like!

5. When Sir Chief and Maya became “official” in Be Careful With My Heart

“Tayo na ‘di ba? You and me, tayo na? Tayo nang dalawa, wala nang bawian,” asked Sir Chief. “Sige na nga, tayo na,” replied Maya. Because you know, mabuti na ang malinaw! 

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