The best for babies? Jolina and Dimples talk about Triple Pwet-ection, babies’ health

Last June 13, in a segment of Momshie Talks in Magandang Buhay FB Live, Momshie Jolina Magdangal, Dimples Romana and Dermatologist Dr. Luisa Puyat shared to our Kapamilyas how they can take good care of their babies’ skin by making sure that they choose sulit but not tipid diapers for their baby.

According to Momshie Dimples, “Inisip ko noon na mas makakatipid ako kapag mas murang diapers ang bibilhin ko para sa anak ko. Pero ‘yun pala, mas napapamahal pa dahil napapadalas ang palit, hindi kasi long lasting ang protection at ang diaper mismo.” Momshie Jolina agreed with this, saying that cheap diapers also cannot effectively absorb her baby’s weewee (urine). Momshie Dimples also adds that cheap diapers pose a possible habit for mothers saying, “Papalitan na lang natin kapag na nating puno na, yung lumalawlaw na. Kaya nababad sa ihi ang ating mga anak, which is hindi dapat.

When asked, Dr Puyat, who is a resident dermatologist in ABS-CBN said that “Kapag ganyan, maaaring magka-rashes ang pwetan ng anak natin.” She also added that this can also cause UTI, and Dimples and Jolina immediately exclaimed that cheap diapers add more costs than savings to momshies.

The best for babies Jolina and Dimples talk about Triple Pwet ection babies health 1Momshies Dimples and Jolina discuss with Dr. Luisa Puyat about the negative effects of lawlaw diapers.

For Dimples and Jolina, they prefer using Pampers Baby Dry Pants for their children, because its Triple Pwet-ection instantly absorbs your child’s weewee from front to back, helps prevent weewee leakage because of its anti-leak guards, and is gentler to your child’s skin because of its anti-irritation layer that acts fast in absorbing weewee. They say that truly Pampers Baby Dry Pants is sulit, because of its Triple Pwet-ection that makes Pampers diapers last 2x longer than others.

Pampers Baby Dry Pants, for Dimples, is not only sulit, but is also the only diaper brand recommended by the Skin Health Alliance, an independent dermatological accreditation organization composed of skin experts, dermatologists, and doctors. Dr. Puyat stressed the importance of getting a recommendation from them, saying that accreditation from them means, “Ang iyong produkto ay may scientific basis o may scientific [evidence].” Jolina also adds that Pampers also has baby wipes that can help in cleaning your baby when changing diapers.

Momshies and Popshies alike shared their own sentiments in the conversation, and were rewarded with free gift packs from Pampers.

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