Teleserye romances that brought extreme kilig to our hearts

A key ingredient or factor in a successful teleserye is the depiction of love—how protagonists express it in the form of self-sacrifice, endearment, loyalty, trust and dedication.


But the biggest factor that draws the crowds is when romance is played to its kilig-worthy best. Not only because of the love teams or tandems that play the lead romantics but also because of the captivating story that really shows the essence of true love. That is, after all the struggles and ordeals, setbacks and failures, love finds its way—making audiences thrilled yet flabbergasted, but ultimately inspired and enriched with what they can do for love.


Pangako Sa ‘Yo  – Yna and Angelo

Who could forget how their parents’ tragic past could not weaken or destroy their deepest, unbridled love—a promise of forever they intended to keep whatever it takes.


Yna (Kristine Hermosa – 2000, Kathryn Bernardo – 2015) and Angelo (Jericho Rosales – 2000, Daniel Padilla – 2015) are two characters that personified real, everlasting love in the eyes of viewers, despite the many hurdles and challenges that came their way.


Walang Hanggan – Katerina and Daniel


Love is not something that is shared forever, but eternally. This the kind of love Katerina (Julia Montes) and Daniel (Coco Martin) shared amidst all the misfortune and tragedies that surrounded them. 


But amidst the turmoil and the uncertainty, they believed and hoped that their love will be consummated, no matter what, and not even death can pull them apart.


Got To Believe – Chichay and Joaquin


Chichay (Kathryn Bernardo) and Joaquin (Daniel Padilla) discovered love at a very young age, but a horrific accident tore them apart and made them forget each other. But in spite of all these terrible travails, love indeed found a way as destiny would keep them close and make them later find each other at a wrong time.


Love conquers even in the direst situations, as they would eventually live together happily and full of magic forever.


On The Wings of Love – Leah and Clark

Sometimes the most unlikely situations or conditions, most likely personal interest or convenience, lead you to true love. When Leah (Nadine Lustre) and Clark (James Reid) first met, it was because our simple Pinay girl had an American dream, and Clark was her instrument to fulfill it—thus a sham marriage.


But even with their fierce confrontations or conflicts, being totally different as individuals, love slowly crept in their hearts, made them sympathize, sacrifice and fight for each other, until they walked down the aisle in a true marriage.


The Story of Us – Tin and Macoy

Tin (Kim Chiu) and Macoy (Xian Lim) started loving each other when they were kids as they grew up together albeit impoverished in an island paradise. But as they dreamed for a better life, dreadful circumstances drove them apart. Tin would leave for the United States to start a new life.


But even if they would prosper on their own, and fall in love with other partners, the love they share was so deep and genuine that they couldn’t see another day in their lives without each other. And as paradise beckoned before them, they could not hide the truth about their love and rekindle their romance, this time for keeps.


A Love to Last – Andeng and Anton


Romance starts unexpectedly, even for two people who really have no reason to be together, especially that he is already fulfilled professionally with a blissful relationship with his mostly grown children, although hurting from a failed marriage, and she a struggling yet determined career woman. But nothing would keep Andeng (Bea Alonzo) and Anton (Ian Veneracion) apart since their eyes met, even if they were met with opposition from his children and ex-wife and her own doubts.


Their love would go beyond what was obvious, even the startling complications when they finally tied the knot.  But they just focused on each other, what they felt, and how they would sacrifice and fight for each other whatever came their way, and still lived happily ever after.


Ngayon at Kailanman – Eva and Inno

Tragedy and tumult from the past may prove to be a curse, but for Eva (Julia Barretto) and Inno (Joshua Garcia) these unfortunate realities won’t stand in their way to achieve and fulfill a love that is undying and true.  Even while his family did the unthinkable in taking away what is rightfully hers, Eva would still have a deep, enduring, and lasting place for Inno in her heart.


Their love was endless, and not even an unspeakable disaster that claimed both their lives would stop them from celebrating their love, now, forever, and even in the afterlife. 


Make It With You – Billy and Gabo

Billy (Liza Soberano) and Gabo (Enrique Gil) shared something special, even if it was fleeting, in a picturesque country where their precarious situations led them to each other. It seemed to be just a fond memory after they parted and came back to the Philippines, but destiny would then bring them back to each other’s lives and careers.


Even if those endearing moments were things of the past and they would try to move on with their lives, their love would never fade and continue to grow despite the harshness of their realities. In the end, they would find out if it would be all worth it to accomplish their dreams and choose love hand-in-hand.


These deep and powerful teleserye romances really gave us a clear idea of the true essence of love that we aspire for.  They offer the right values—grit, sincerity, dedication, and selflessness—that encapsulate true love, something which we give unconditionally and receive wholeheartedly.