“Team YeY” wins at UPLB’s Gandingan Awards

“Team YeY” won the “Most Development-Oriented Children's Program” award at the #Gandingan2020: The 14th UPLB Isko't Iska's Multi-media Awards for its creative way of teaching kids life skills and lessons through fun games and activities. 

 Team YeY wins at UPLB s Gandingan Awards 1

The show features different kids presenting a specific skill on each day of the week. Among these skills are performing arts, storytelling, arts and crafts activities, and improvisation of home games. 

YeY Channel Head Danie Sedilla-Cruz said that having kids teaching the skills on the show has made it a hit among its young viewers. “Kids easily catch on when other kids show them how things are done,” she said. 

Kids can now enjoy watching “Team YeY” on its  YouTube channel or iWant.  

Now on its 14th year, the Gandingan Awards recognize media programs and personalities that highlight development-oriented campaigns and strengthen community broadcasting.  

For more information on the show, parents and children can follow @YeYChannel on Facebook, YeY Channel on YouTube and www.yeychannel.com.