Team Yey makes snack time more delightful and exciting with Krimstix Softee!

In this “new normal” season when kids are up for new discoveries and taking on virtual learning at home, it’s important to refuel them throughout the day. But, if busy learners are also picky-eaters, how do you make snack time extra exciting? The trick is to fire up their imagination with Krimstix Softee–adding in delightful sweetness and a bit of creative food art to boring snacks! 

Team Yey kids – Xia Vigor, Althea Guanzon, Marco Masa and Zyren Dela Cruz – show us how by getting fun and interactive with Krimstix Softee on “Out of the Box: Funbahay Edition” Spin the Food Wheel. It’s playtime with a sweet twist! 

The players take turns in spinning the wheel with corresponding food items like bread, crackers, marshmallow, and crunchy veggies and fruits. All participants get to enjoy the level-up treats paired with Krimstix Softee squeezed out into pandesal spread, marshmallow dip, cucumber topping, and so much more! Try this activity with the whole family or trade flavors with friends on lazy afternoons!

Team Yey makes snack time more delightful and exciting with Krimstix Softee  1

Aside from this milk-chocolate treat, you also can create more with the regular Krimstix line that comes in assorted flavors – chocolate, milk, pandan, peanut butter, ube, cookies & cream and cheesy crunch. It’s also offered in combo flavors – choco strawberry and choco orange. 

Enjoy it any way you want it. You can flavor up your fruits and veggies, drizzle it as an ice cream topping, make a Krimstix biscuit/cookie sandwich, and decorate happy shapes on your pancakes. With Krimstix, imagination mo ang limit! 

Tell us how you like to enjoy the creamy goodness of Krimstix! For more sweet tips on how to make blended learning and snack time more fun with Krim-ta-stix combos, follow Krimstix on Facebook!