Talk About Suitable and In-Demand Goodies this Season of Giving

Playing Santa has always been everyone’s favorite role during the Christmas season. After the strenuous year that was, it is only fitting to have a peaceful yet celebrated and fulfilling ending. Thus, when the Ber months strike, expect the horrendous traffic jam around shopping mall areas and the overwhelming gift choices being offered by the market. 

Want to go the extra mile this gift-giving season? Stay away from the usual kris kringle-ish ‘something sweet and fluffy’. While it’s the thought that counts, it’s way better to go for something extra useful in this modern age. Isn’t it more touching and helpful to see your gift being part of your loved ones daily life? 

Christmas, aside from joy and love, means rewarding paychecks. Make use of your money wisely by looking out for must have gifts like trendy gadgets. But with devices continually showing off their new and improved features, it’s a bit difficult to place your bet. 

Solution? Choose the one with the best and secure operating system. 

Presenting the Windows 10. 

As it happens, Windows 10’s launch last July announced that it will be the last OS from Microsoft since it’s expected to automatically keep up with innovations and security updates. To kick off the era of Windows 10, here are some of the cutting-edge gadgets powered by the game changing OS that might be suitable for the type of personality of your recipient. 

The All-Arounder 

Want to match the active multi-tasking lifestyle of someone? Go for Acer One 10’s two-in-one superior functionality. Choosing between a tablet and a laptop doesn’t have to be a problem if you can actually have the best of both worlds. This convertible device with effortless snap transitioning can provide you all laptop for work and a detachable travel-friendly tablet for playing. 

If that can’t convince you to buy it, let its smooth precision touchpad, micro HDMI support for larger displays and microSD slot for additional storage do the trick.


The Ultimate Package

Beauty, first-rate performance and versatility all rolled into one. Acer Switch 10 Special aims to captivate its users with its elegance. Thanks to its Gorilla Glass 3 cladding, both on the top cover and display, which further promotes its durability. 

Though Acer Switch 10 Special also upholds its multi-purpose feature, what sets it apart is its Acer LumiFlex™ display technology, full HD display, and optimized color control which lets you see its clear visuals even outdoors. 


The Budget Conscious

Introducing the exceptionally portable HP Pavilion X2. With its detachable key-board and built-in cover that makes its viewing angle adjustable, you can easily type, play and watch with a bang. This dual-mode device can maximize your user experience due to its battery life credit of 11 3/4 hours.

Looking for a budget friendly device, but definitely useful for on-the-go techies? Cherry Alpha Morph can be your constant companion. With the power of Windows 10,10-inch HD IPS display and a wireless keyboard that attaches to the tablet via a magnetic strip, it can address all your needs. 


The Flagship

Wondering which handsets can give you the most impressive photo experience even in the most challenging conditions? Try Microsoft’s baby, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. Expect a lot since it’s considered as the ‘most powerful phone ever built’ by the brand. The superb 5.7’’ Quad HD Display, octa-core processor, wireless charging and smooth move between mobile to PC to laptop devices- it’s definitely the Lumia to root for. 



People constantly seek ways to better their lives. This season of joy and sharing, give others the chance to fully appreciate the wonders of modern technology and let them get hold of these terrific Windows 10 devices. Head on to for great deals and discounts this season.