Takutan 2018: Watch these Pinoy Horror Classics on iWant TV!


Halloween is ~finally~ here! And what better way to celebrate this spooky season than with a marathon of good ol’ Pinoy horror films? So sit back, relax, and get ready to scream (and, ok, laugh a little!) with this scary movie playlist--exclusive and FREE on iWant TV!

1. Amorosa: The Revenge

After suffering from a vehicular accident, Rosa, with her children Amiel and Rommel, transfers to the old Pension House owned by Rosa's aunt. Rosa hopes that the new place will heal the rift between her and Rommel. As she seeks to move on from the tragedy, she finds herself being haunted by a vengeful and faceless ghost.

2. Ang Babaeng Putik

Mark is an aspiring writer who travels to his uncle's house in an isolated jungle to search for inspiration for his masterpiece. One day, the mysterious and exotic Sally appears before the bewildered Mark. Days pass and Sally inevitably becomes his inspiration and a dangerous obsession. Incidentally, news of a monstrous creature devouring villagers spread. This untimely report makes Mark come to the conclusion that perhaps his precious Sally may actually be keeping a very dangerous secret.

3. Aswang

Babysitter Veron (Manilyn Reynes) and her "alaga" Catlyn (Aiza Seguerra) decide to leave their household in order to escape from thugs who wish to kill them. However, their efforts to escape will be in vain as they find out that the place they are headed to is plagued by an Aswang (Alma Moreno)--and she is planning to have Catlyn as her next meal.

4. Babangluksa

One year after Beatrice's (Arya Valdez) death, Anna (Precious Lara Quigaman), starts to experience eerie, supernatural events and she believes that Beatrice's ghost is haunting her. Anna seeks the help of her friend, Cathy (Roselle Nava) and she recommends the service of Idang (Angelika dela Cruz), an "espiritista". Idang tells Anna that Beatrice is exacting revenge against her because aside from being Carlos' former (Luis Alandy) lover, Anna is the main reason why Beatrice chose to end her life. Anna performs a ritual to pacify Beatrice's anger. For a while, the haunting stops--until deaths start to happen.

5. Bahay ni Lola

From dream home to horror house, real quick. After buying a beautiful mansion for a too-good-to-be-true price, Rupert and Nina’s family become haunted by a presence--a pale old woman. Soon, they discover that no amount of renovation can cover up the mystery and malevolence hidden in their new home. 

6. Cinco

Cinco is a horror-comedy film cut into 5 different stories--which, funnily enough, represent 5 different body parts: Braso, Paa, Mata, Mukha, Puso. How are these stories related? You gotta watch to find out! 

7. Dalaw

Stella (Kris Aquino) and her ex-boyfriend Anton (Diether Ocampo) finally decides to get married after Stella's violent husband, Danilo, dies in an accident. But Stella can’t shake the feeling that Danilo’s ghost is trying to put a stop to their wedding. And along the way, she discovers that Anton is not everything she thought he was.  

8. Feng Shui

One day, Joy stumbles upon a strange 'bagua' which she excitedly brings home - trusting the tremendous luck it attracts. But then, Joy learns that the 'bagua' carries a curse: it claims the lives of people around her every time she gets lucky. 

9. Halimaw sa Banga

While exploring an abandoned mansion, two boys discover an ancient book, and a cursed jar. Unwittingly, they set free the demon trapped inside the jar. Can Kokoy (Ian De Leon) stop the halimaw from its killing spree? 

10. Hiwaga sa Balete Drive

Hiwaga sa Balete Drive is a two-part movie which recounts the scary experiences of people living along the infamous Balete Drive. The first part shows the story of a couple who encounters a ghost who haunts a house in the place. The latter part involves a young boy who becomes a witness to a crime as viewed through his "third eye".

11. Huwag Mong Buhayin ang Bangkay

How far will a mother go to bring her favorite son back from the dead? Aurora (Charito Solis) makes a great pact with Lucio to bring her son Robertito (Jestoni Alarcon) back to life after a fatal accident.  

12. Impaktita

Cita (Jean Garcia), reared by humble scavengers, grew up having faith in the Almighty through her childhood sweetheart Rudy (Richard Gomez). Little did she know that in her veins runs the blood of an aswang, a creature of the night known to assume different forms as it inflicts havoc on its human preys.

Enjoy these Pinoy Horror Classics and more original Filipino-approved content, only on iWant TV! Don’t be scared--it’s all for free!