Take a look back on the legendary, haunting narrative of Imortal

At the time when many of us had found ourselves too engrossed with the legendary and unique fictional narratives that involve werewolves and vampires, ABS-CBN produced its own as well via Imortal the second book to the undisputed Moonstone trilogy.

And more than a decade after, fans are now given the opportunity to relive the action, adventure, and kilig it offered as the Kapamilya network brings it back – alongside its prequel Lobo and sequel La Luna Sangre – by streaming the “Best of ABS-CBN Moonstone Trilogy” this year through iWantTFC.

Take a look back on the legendary haunting narrative of Imortal 1

Let’s have a quick throwback to the remarkable and mystical journey of the werewolves and vampires we all loved (and missed!) in this feature!

Released on October 4, 2010, the fantasy-action-romance drama follows the story of the she-wolf Lia (Angel Locsin) and vampire Mateo (John Lloyd Cruz) and the endless battle between their races Waya and Sangre, respectively. Their paths intertwined and they eventually fell in love, but their affair would be hindered by the existing rivalry between their races.

How the story went

The series commenced with a group of vampires raiding the house of Lyka and her family. She singlehandedly fought them and protected her daughter as the leader Magnus (Jake Roxas) almost killed the young Lia, which led to her demise.

The narrative then went back in 1572, the year when the first batch of vampires arrived in the Philippine shores. Their menace quickly spread throughout the land, but little did they know that there’s a clan who can transform themselves into powerful wolves and protect humans from their fatal threats – the Taong Lobos.

We were also introduced to Roman Rodriguez (Jomari Yllana), the father of Mateo who, from being a mortal, became a vampire after Magnus bit him as he plead for his life. But instead of sucking on human blood like what vampires usually do, he founded a community of good vampires who only drank animal blood.

As the vampires laid dormant to organize and fortify their numbers, a dangerous prophecy foretelling an epic battle between vampires and Taong Lobos that will ultimately decide the fate of their respective bloodlines is relayed to Magnus by the seer Barang (Kalila Aguilos).

After a few decades, Roman meets and falls in love with a human named Ceres (Lara Quigaman), who eventually becomes the mother of his child Mateo. Unfortunately, Ceres died upon giving birth to Mateo. On the other hand, Magnus relied on biting a pregnant woman in pursuit of fulfilling the prophecy.  

Meanwhile, Lyka also gave birth to her and Noah’s daughter Lia. However, while he was on his way home to celebrate the fifth birthday of their unica hija, he got killed in a road accident after a vampire unexpectedly attacked him.

The call for Lyka to fulfill her duty as the Head Guardian (or Punong Bantay) was brought up, yet she opted to give up her title to Lucille (Sheree/Vivian Velez) and become a full-time mom to Lia instead. On the other hand, Roman decided to negotiate with the werewolves to reach a compromise between their races as he noticed how his son Mateo had grown interest on the city life. Lyka may have rejected his offer at first, but she eventually considered talking things through upon finding out that their children became friends.

Unfortunately, that truce was only short-lived as Lyka got killed by Magnus during the attack of the vampires at their house. The latter witnessed the prophecy unfold as the former placed her eternal protection to Lia before completely losing her life. At the same time, Roman also broke his abstinence from fighting werewolves upon seeing their community ransacked and his friend Badong (Christian Vasquez) dead.

Many years had passed, Mateo and Lia met again and their respective identifying birthmarks glowed the moment they stare at each other. Magnus’ daughter Samantha (Maricar Reyes), on the other hand was well and ready to carry out the revenge of the vampires. Circumstances with regards to their supernatural identities, races, and the prophecy led these three to cross paths, and eventually get involved in a slew of fights that unleashed and developed their capabilities, strength, and powers to the fullest.

The first season of Imortal ended at Mateo’s resurrection after being killed during the encounter of vampires and werewolves, which made Lia decide to move away and start a new life, changing her name to Karen. They eventually got reunited and rekindled their romance. Together, along with their cohorts, fought against the evil vampires and the monster Lucas (Rico Blanco). Samantha fought with Lucas who has become a monster. Lucas defeats Samantha and bites her. Without a known cure for Lucas' bite, Samantha opts for a drastic measure to prevent herself from turning into a monster.

After the relentless and gruesome war against the evil and ruthless creatures, the werewolves and the vampires finally live in peace and Mateo and Lia have a daughter.

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Take a look back on the legendary haunting narrative of Imortal 2

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