Senate Hearing on the franchise of ABS-CBN

We are very grateful for the opportunity given to us by the Senate to air our side and clarify issues about our franchise.

As we have heard today, ABS-CBN has not been cited for any violations with regard to tax payments, election laws, or compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Like many other companies that have been operating or providing services for a long time, we have pending issues associated with labor as well as other matters related to the regular course of doing business. We believe in due process and will comply, as we always have, with any decisions made by the proper authorities.

We continue to trust in the legal processes and the fairness in the hearings for our franchise renewal.

Thank you to everyone who showed support for us today. We hope for your continued support and prayers as we pursue the chance to continue providing meaningful and important service to the Filipino people.  This is what we, and all employees of ABS-CBN, believe in.