Statement on ABS-CBN workers headcount

As we explained at the Senate committee hearing last Monday (February 24), ABS-CBN, including its subsidiaries, provides jobs to 11,071 Filipinos through regular employment, project and program-based positions, independent contractors, and on-camera talents.

ABS-CBN also reiterates that it follows all pertinent labor and civil code laws in the engagement of its various types of workers.

The closure of ABS-CBN will put all 11,071 jobs within the ABS-CBN group at risk. Of this number, 5,918 people worked directly for ABS-CBN as of December 2019, comprising of 2,661 regular employees, 2,096 project-based seasonal workers, 1,069 independent contractors and on-camera talents, and 92 project employees.

The livelihood of all these workers, regardless of their classification, will be affected by the closure of ABS-CBN. It will not just be the regular employees. The 11,071 jobs at risk reflect the true and full impact of the closure of ABS-CBN across all its businesses. 

This figure does not yet include jobs indirectly produced by the company through its hiring of third-party agencies such as security guards, cleaners, and utility men, among others.

These people and their families, and the public we serve, remain our inspiration in undergoing this franchise renewal process.