Socially Relevant Titles on iWant for the Woke at Heart

A lot of films and series can be a source of entertainment. But to make narratives truly meaningful, you would have to combine entertainment and social commitment—to tell stories that matter. These are the titles that will make you rethink yourself and the society, and can potentially impact your future decisions.

If you want to stay woke and be more socially aware, check out these titles on iWant:

1. Dekada '70

‘Dekada ‘70’ offers people a front row seat to one of, if not the darkest decade of our country’s history. It follows the story of the Bartolomes, a regular middle-class Filipino family struggling to survive in the era of dictatorship—under the martial law regime, when journalists were silenced and freedom of speech was not even an option.


2. Heneral Luna

If you’re looking for something to awaken your patriotic heart, you just have to watch ‘Heneral Luna’ (John Arcilla), a historical biopic film set during the Philippine–American War! With thought-provoking lines like, “Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban? Kalaban ang kakampi?”, it will surely stick with you for years on end.


3. Bagman

If you’re in the mood for some gritty socio-political action drama, check out iWant’s original mini-series, Bagman. Here, Arjo Atayde plays Benjo Malaya, a barber who would go great lengths to provide for his family, even at the expense of his values. With a baby on the way, he accepts a “job”—making shady transactions in his barbershop, which eventually leaves him with no choice but to become the governor’s bagman.


4. John Denver Trending

iWant adds another renowned film to its already extensive library with ‘John Denver Trending’, the Best Picture winner in the 2019 Cinemalaya Film Festival. It tells the story of the 14-year-old titular character (Jansen Magpusao), whose life completely changes after a video of him attacking a classmate goes viral on social media. Being wrongfully accused of stealing an iPad, he and his mom (Meryll Soriano) go up against issues of cyberbullying, discrimination, doctored footage, and fake news.


5. Manilennials

If there’s one movie your barkada can definitely relate to, it’s ‘Manilennials’! Catch Missy (Ria Atayde), Yeye (Chai Fonacier), Ruth (Mela Franco Habijan), Art (Nicco Manalo), and Kiko (Fifth Solomon) as they struggle to find their way through misadventures in the crazy Metro! And while the mini-series lures you in with its fancy aesthetics and exceptional characters, it also exposes the truth about unemployment, LGBTQ discrimination, reproductive health, and the government.


Staying woke and socially relevant matters now—more than ever. Hopefully, these titles will help us develop our understanding and challenge us to do something.

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