Sky, Kristof, RJ and Allen on modern dating, ultimate quarantine activities, and first-ever interactive BL series

As the BL (Boys’ Love) genre continues to shape modern entertainment, live digital series “Kumusta Bro” joins the trend with a fresh, unique, and spectacular viewing experience. Main starrers Sky Quizon, Kristof Garcia, RJ Agustin, and Allen Cecilio share what sets their show apart from the rest of the BL series offered in different platforms today.

“Kumusta Bro” is not just your ordinary lockdown drama with a narrative told through a chain of virtual conferences among the actors. It is anchored on the live streaming application “Kumu” where the four main characters are brought altogether. Since it aims to showcase the realities of the live streaming culture, the talents are given the freedom to tweak their lines and decide on the next sequences based on the live audiences’ reactions. “It’s very unique because it’s live. We have a script guide but as actors we have the luxury to improvise. Iba siya because it’s a theater online, no take twos,” said Sky. This gives ecstatic fans the opportunity to interact with the cast.

The theater-like set-up in the digital sphere sounds exciting yet challenging. Several factors like technical difficulties arise during the live shows. It is therefore important that actors have background in troubleshooting. Still as part of their preparations, the cast went on a series of virtual workshops to help establish their connection – chemistry and technical-wise.

There is still a stigma attached to producing a BL series but this did not hinder Sky, Kristof, Allen and RJ from taking the project. The actors are all ecstatic to be part of an unconventional material besides the fact that offers are crucial in this time of a crisis. “Swerte mo na kapag nakakuha ka ng trabaho,” Allen openly admits. Sky and Allen have long been asked by fans to take a BL project and they knew it was just a matter of time before they land on an artistically satisfying content. It was the unique concept and potential that made them say ‘yes’ to “Kumusta Bro” right away.

The quick-witted Sky who became more popular after joining Pinoy Big Brother Otso, plays the role of Thirdy, a “Kumu” live streamer. It’s Showtime’s” BidaMan Kristof will take on the character of Benj, a jock who plays basketball and with girls’ feelings. Allen is  a hopeless romantic trying to pursue his long-time crush via digital means while RJ is a young entrepreneur looking for love.

The way the gang poked fun at one another during the interview is a clear sign of the friendship solidified within weeks of workshops and preparations, thus we could expect tons of natural chemistry and light moments on the show.

Love Talks

“Kumusta Bro” reflects how the dating scene continues to evolve and is shaped by the current pandemic where almost everything, even love, happens in the digital sphere. When asked about their opinion on finding love online, the cast kept an open mind about the topic at the same time discussed its pros and cons.

“Ang pananaw ko kasi on social media and sa digital world is just the same with our world, nagta-transcend lang sa physical space. So I thinks it’s true na may mafa-fall online but I think kailangan siyang i-maintain,” said Sky, adding that physical interaction remains a crucial element in keeping a relationship. Allen warned netizens to be extra vigilant when dealing with potential friendships online on account of rampant cyber fraud nowadays, though he supports the online dating culture. Kristof knows exactly what his co-star meant, having fallen in love with a poser. “Sobrang magkaibang tao ‘yung sa picture at personal. Sobrang na-in love ako sa ugali niya,” he confessed. Kristof tried to pursue the connection but the pain of betrayal halted the potential relationship. There is an unexplainable kind of magic with finding ‘the one’ in the digital world, according to RJ, who knows a lot of couples with online-born relationships.

While others fall in love, several couples inevitable split up during this pandemic due to factors such as lack of physical interaction, giving rise to bigger dilemmas like moving on. Sky brings up his character’s ‘hugot’ issues in the series, saying the lonesomeness brought about by the quarantine stirred Thirdy’s old feelings. Kristof gave a solid advice, “Kailangan ‘yung mga old memories palitan na ng mga bagong memories. So, kailangan itapon mo na ‘yung mga regalo galing sa ex mo.” But Allen believes otherwise, saying keeping old gifts do not exactly equate to wanting to rekindle the relationship.

Kristof’s Workout Regimen

Besides working for the digital BL series, “Kumusta Bro,” actors Sky Quizon, Kristof Garcia, RJ Agustin, and Allen Cecilio maximize the quarantine days by doing what they love most. For Kristof, it’s getting in shape with a simple home workout routine.

With the pandemic halting the operations of gym facilities, Kristof discovered that he only needs simple home equipment to maintain his perfectly sculpted physique. The ex-BidaMan contender uses a mat, an ab roller, and a monoblock chair for his fitness regimen.

The routine would only eat up five minutes of your entire day. Get in the standard push-up position with both legs raised on the monoblock chair. Do 3 sets of 12 push-ups to achieve a toned upper chest. You may opt to omit the monoblock chair as well. “Sobrang mamamanhid ‘yung chest niyo at maa-achieve n’yo ‘yung full chest na maayos,” promised Kristof.

Kristof makes use of an ab roller to tighten his abdominal muscles. Just hold the bars on both sides of the equipment and do the standard plank position. Then, extend the arms straight forward and roll the fitness tool back and forth on the mat, as far as you can control. This requires intense upper body strength but the pain is always worth results.

Sky’s Home Garden

The therapeutic effects of nurturing plants at home can’t be overly emphasized, thus it is no wonder why people are turning to potted greens in this time of a pandemic where mental health suffers as much as the physical well-being does.

Taking care of plants is one of Sky’s ultimate quarantine activities. He said there’s joy to being a Plantito. “Iba talaga ‘yung saya na dulot ng plants, at least may ginagawa ako dito sa condo. Minsan hindi ako mapalagay iniikot-ikot ko kung saan ko ilalagay. Plants bring happiness.”

Taking us to a tour around his mini garden at home, Sky introduced his potted babies. Among his wide collection of plants arranged inside his room are peace lilies, calatheas, succulents, and traveller’s palm. Sky owns approximately thirty pots at the moment and he considers the six-inch traveller’s palm as his most favorite and the most expensive one. There are pieces gifted by his Instagram followers and others he got from his mom.

As tips to ‘plantitos’ and ‘plantitas,’ Sky emphasized the aesthetic value of choosing the right pot as it adds to the plant’s overall appeal. He said newly purchased plants can be transferred to a new pot as long as it’s already root-bound.

“Hindi kailangan i-water everyday. Kailangan lang i-maintain ‘yung soil kasi minsan mas namamatay sila with over-watering,” he added. The most important plant-care tip of all, as Sky mentioned, “Kausapin sila.”

RJ Performs “Bakit Ba Ikaw”

Being stuck at home and the current happenings gave RJ enough inspiration to create more music. He said the lockdown situation sweetened his creative juices. Besides the BL series “Kumusta Bro,” the singer-actor is also busy preparing for the release of his new song under Star Music.

For the meantime, here’s RJ performing Michael Pangilinan’s “Bakit Ba Ikaw.”

Allen prank calls JC Alcantara

Allen chose “Hello Stranger” lead actor JC Alcantara as victim of a prank call. The result was funny and totally endearing, with JC unknowingly exposing his authenticity and kindness. 

A problematic Allen sought JC’s help in paying for a tax penalty amounting to 50,000. Having a hint at where the conversation is heading, JC assured he has no problem with lending his friend money. Without any trace of reluctance, he asked for Allen’s bank account details, so to send the money immediately.

It did not end there, though. Allen pretended to unravel another layer in a pile of money-related problems involving his vehicle. Again, JC fell for it. The prank caller did not help but commend JC for his kindness, so the latter expressed that he’s only paying it forward. JC added that he wanted to share his blessings because all good things come from no one but God.

On Allen’s next concern about his gadget, JC laughed a little and told him to just borrow an extra mobile phone from his sibling. That was Allen’s cue to cut the drama and reveal the prank.