Sine Natin Ito ngayong Semana Santa
April 17 Thursday 6:00 pm: My Only U

Winona (Toni Gonzaga), a vibrant girl who is diagnosed with lupus. In her family history, no woman reaches the age of 25. They all die on or before their 25th birthday. Bong (Vhong Navarro) is her childhood friend who secretly loves Winona.

Bong will do everything for her to live her life to the fullest before she faces her death.

April 18 Friday 6:00 PM : A Moment In Time

Patrick (Coco Martin) is a high-spirited guy who works as a part-time waiter and painter to save money to send his sister Mai-mai (Ella Cruz) to school. He has been his sister’s only family when their mother Miriam (Zsa Zsa Padilla) tragically dies from a hit and run accident. Jillian (Julia Montes) is a shy violinist, music student from a rich family. She plans to pursue her studies in music in Amsterdam and for some unapparent reason she avoids being involved in any romantic relationship. Until one day, Patrick and Jillian cross paths in a subway; Patrick is immediately smitten by Jillian’s beauty so he tries everything he could to meet her again by painting her face on street walls. He even hired a blind guitarist to serenade Jillian at her school. Jillian gives Patrick a chance thus their love starts to blossom and grow. Jillian happily invites Patrick for a dinner at her house so she could introduce him to her parents. Upon learning Patrick’s economic status, Jillian’s mother Karen (Cherie Gil) tells Patrick that he is the wrong man for her daughter. The couple keeps their relationship despite Karen’s antagonism. However, their love meets its end when Patrick discovers Jillian’s dark secret. Broken-hearted Jillian flies to Amsterdam and gets engaged to another man. Patrick realizes his mistake and follows her to ask for forgiveness and a second chance. Will they rediscover their "A moment in time?"

April 19 Saturday 6:00PM: Sa'Yo Lamang

Dianne Alvero (Bea Alonzo) seems to have a perfect family. She has it going in her career and her love life. They have just renovated their house where she lives with her mother Amanda (Lorna Tolentino) and her younger siblings.

But her little perfect world shatters when her father Franco (Christopher De Leon) returns after ten years of leaving them for another woman.

More than the presence of Franco, what hurts Dianne the most is her mom accepts her dad back with opening arms into their lives. Her siblings also let Franco be a father to them. Confused and hurt, Dianne does everything to shut Franco out of their lives.
But as she succeeds with her plans, she is shocked to learn that their family ahs more problems to deal with than the return of the father who abandoned them and have hhurt her deeply.