San Mig Light 20th anniversary Catriona Gray Throwback Party

San Mig Light celebrates 20th anniversary with Catriona Gray and a Throwback Party  1

San Mig Light marked its 20th anniversary with a grand throwback party at Metrowalk, Pasig City on Friday, November 8. Everyone took a trip down memory lane with the 90s and 2000s music played all night long and guests were in for a treat as buckets and loads of San Mig Light filled the venue.

The celebration got even more exciting when Zion and The Jixies performed the music of yesteryears to everyone’s delight. Moonstar 88 serenaded the crowd with their greatest hits. Everyone was also pumped up when SML DJ Spin Off Champion DJ Louis Vint spun his epic remixes of the best 90s and 2000s songs. Music and a bottle of ice cold San Mig Light indeed go hand in hand for an amazing Friday night out. 

To top the all-night spectacle, San Mig Light unveiled its biggest surprise of the night when Miss Universe 2018 and brand ambassador Catriona Gray appeared on stage. The ecstatic crowd went wild and cheered their hearts out as the beauty queen strutted the stage with her famous lava walk. The 20th anniversary celebration did not stop there because San Mig Light surprised the guests with a promotion - selling every bottle of San Mig Light at 20 pesos for 20 minutes. It was San Mig Light’s way of extending its gratitude to their patrons for 20 years and as a way of saying thanks for making it the top light beer in the country. Catriona herself kick started the promotion at the party.

San Mig Light celebrates 20th anniversary with Catriona Gray and a Throwback Party  2

The guests also had the opportunity to talk and take a selfie with Catriona during her meet and greet. It was indeed a night to remember and the universe truly conspired that evening for Catriona’s biggest fans at the party. “Hope you had an amazing night. Have fun and I will see you all again very soon!” the beauty queen exclaimed in her closing remarks.

It was not only a night of fun and booze because it was also a chill party with loads of selfies and “groufies” at the San Mig Light Instagram booths at the venue. Excited guests posed with their San Mig Light bottles, capturing that perfect shot for social media. 

For 20 years, San Mig Light has established itself as the perfect partner for fun and light drinking moments with friends. Looking back, San Mig Light has always been present in our barkada moments. On its 20th anniversary, San Mig Light continues to be an essential drink in gatherings and occasions. Truly, with a bottle of San Mig Light in hand, everyone can say, “Mahaba-habang inuman ‘to.”

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