Same Feels, Only English-dubbed: Must-watch scenes from ABS-CBN teleseryes on YouTube

The catfights in the ABS-CBN series Doble Kara dominated YouTube when it aired from 2015 until 2017. Its original videos have now gained hundreds of millions of views, but now, non-Filipinos who have shared and watched these wildly entertaining scenes can appreciate them more in all their English-dubbed glory on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Aside from Doble Kara, English-dubbed episodes of well-loved ABS-CBN shows such as It Might Be You and Crazy for You are also available for streaming for those who would like to re-experience these epic love stories.

Whatever the language, experience the same emotions in these three teleseryes:

1)   Catfights and confrontations

In Doble Kara, Hannah and Becca, much like their adoptive moms, twins Sara and Kara (Julia Montes), have an unspoken competition that pushes them to treat each other with animosity and jealousy, often resulting in hair-pulling matches when they’re left unattended. The adults are even more extreme in their rivalry, engaging in stare-downs and war of words to assert their power over the other.


2)    Passionate declarations of love

The most romantic admissions of love on-screen are often marked by big speeches and romantic gestures.

In It Might Be You Gian (John Prats) prepares a candlelit setup and a self-written song to tell Cara (Maja Salvador) how his “secret.”

“Choose to be happy with me,” Seb (Sam Milby) pleads to Kara in “Doble Kara” after she accidentally blurts out that she loves him.

In Crazy for You, Wacky and Janice (Luis Manzano and Toni Gonzaga) emotionally exchange “I love you’s” at the airport before going their separate ways, promising each other that they will reunite in the future.


3)   Longing for home and family

Dubbed as the first teleserye to highlight the experiences of overseas workers, Crazy for You shows the struggles of Filipinos who have to toil day and night to provide for their families back home. Toni Gonzaga and Pokwang’s depiction of hardworking undocumented workers longing for familiarity and comfort in Spain feels even more relatable today, when loved ones are forced apart by the ongoing pandemic.

In Doble Kara, Kara tearfully reunites with her mother (Mylene Dizon), who has had to endure every day of her life not knowing if her daughter is dead or alive.


4)   Dramatic revelations

Larger-than-life moments where secrets are revealed and mysteries are solved are what make Pinoy teleseryes iconic.

Grab your tissues and hold on to your seats while watching these thrilling revelations from “Crazy for You,” where Janice comes clean about her lies to Wacky and from Doble Kara, where Kara finally finds out that Sara has been keeping the identity of her long-lost daughter from her.

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