Teleserye Wedding proposals

Marriage is arguably one of the best things that can happen in the life of a person or of two people who genuinely love each other. But before getting to that milestone, there must be a proposal first. Over the years, we’ve already witnessed a plethora of wedding proposals both in real life, in series and movies.

And just in case you’re looking for ideas on how to pop the question to your significant other or just searching for something that would give you all the feels, especially this Valentine’s season, we compiled some of the romantic and captivating wedding proposals in teleseryes that made our hearts flutter through this special feature. 

Jonaf and Amy, Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

Who said that harana should only be done during courtship? Since they didn’t have a formal ligawan before they officially became a couple, Jonaf (Ronnie Alonte) surprised his girlfriend Amy (Loisa Andalio) by coming to their house with his police friends – not to deliver bad news to them, but to ask her hand for marriage. Singing the all-time favorite OPM love song “Kung Akin Ang Mundo” while carrying a bouquet of flowers in his arms, he was able to touch not just the heart of Amy, but of her family as well. 

With how sincere he’d been with his intentions and love for her, not to mention putting his life on the line several times just to save her, it was an easy “yes” for Jonaf when he kneeled, popped the question, and offered Amy the shimmering engagement ring.


Elon and Beth, Pira-Pirasong Paraiso

And it wasn’t only the wedding proposal that we had witnessed in Pira-Pirasong Paraiso because prior to Jonaf and Amy’s engagement, her older sister Beth (Alexa Ilacad) also gave her sweet “yes” to Elon (KD Estrada). It happened during her surprise birthday celebration, which he was able to pull off with the help of her sister Diana (Charlie Dizon) and his brother Vlad (Joseph Marco). In front of their closest family, friends, and colleagues, Elon asked her “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?,” to which Beth enthusiastically replied, “yes, of course!”


Brandon and Tanya, Senior High

Sky (Andrea Brillantes), might not be in favor of her mom Tanya’s (Angel Aquino) relationship with her boyfriend Brandon (Kean Cipriano) at first, but she eventually accepted them and even gave her blessings to him to marry her mother. And it wasn’t only the graduates of Northford High who were about to embark on the next chapter of their lives on their graduation day, but also Tanya, who got engaged to Brandon in the finale of Senior High

He did it by placing balloons and a tarpaulin with the question “Will you marry me?” printed on it inside the trunk of her beloved car “Lokbu,” which he also got refurbished. After confirming to Sky that she agreed with it, Tanya gave Brandon kisses and accepted his ring. They then had their first-ever group hug as a family. 


Eloy and Ali, 2 Good 2 Be True

Of course, who would forget this cute proposal of Eloy (Daniel Padilla) to Ali (Kathryn Bernardo) in 2 Good 2 Be True? And it wasn’t only him who orchestrated it since it was actually a team effort! Their respective families and closest friends helped him pull it off once they confirmed from Lolo Sir (Ronaldo Valdez) that she’s already game to tie the knot with him and even considered being the one to pop the question to him. 

As he knelt on one knee, presented her with the ring, and asked her “Will you marry me?,” Ali totally endeared us with how she cutely responded, “Oo naman. Yes! Yes!” With picturesque scenery as their backdrop and all their loved ones surrounding them, it is definitely one of the simplest yet most beautiful onscreen proposals we’ve ever seen!


Lakas and Ganda, Bagani

With the slew of hard-hitting challenges that they had to confront and conquer in pursuit of saving Sansinukob from evil forces that attempted to harm its people and destroy it, their responsibilities as the main baganis had almost taken a toll on the relationship of Lakas (Enrique Gil) and Ganda (Liza Soberano). 

However, since their love for each other was as strong as their fighting spirits, it was still all’s well that ends well for them. Thus, when he finally had the opportunity, Lakas wasted no time in asking her if she’s ready to be with him forever. She sincerely replied, “Oo, Lakas. Pumapayag ako, mahal ko,” which brought both of them to tears. 


Avel and Marissa, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

For sure, we’ve already seen a lot of boss-employee love stories in various films and series we have watched. Among them is Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, wherein we witnessed how the relationship of lady boss Marissa Pineda (Jodi Sta. Maria) and her personal driver and bodyguard Avel (Joseph Marco) prospered to romance in the long run.

It was a simple engagement, which took place at Marissa’s house and with her mom Lucing (Maricel Soriano) as the only witness. He didn’t need to ask her if she would want to marry him as sincerely professing his love for her and showing her the lavish gold ring while kneeling in front of her were already enough for Marissa to figure out that he was asking her hand for marriage. She also didn’t have to say a word as she only gave her a nod and went on to cry out of sheer bliss.


Daniel and Katerina, Walang Hanggan

Prior to their grand church wedding in the finale of Walang Hanggan, Daniel (Coco Martin) and Katerina (Julia Montes) had a relatively simple engagement. It happened during their stay abroad and it was only the two of them who were present in that kilig moment. Daniel was able to fulfill his longtime promise of being the one to return the infinity ring that he initially gave Katerina before the series of unfortunate events that happened between their families as he asked her to marry him. They went on to seal it with a romantic exchange and sweet smooch that truly sent kilig vibes to the viewers. 


Cardo and Alyanna, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

One of the iconic teleserye couples in local TV, avid viewers of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano surely didn’t just follow the adventures of the titular character Cardo (Coco Martin), but also his love story with Alyana (Yassi Pressman), to whom he got married twice. And since they had two weddings, Cardo also pulled off two marriage proposals, which she both accepted.

The second one happened at the secluded barrio of Sto. Niño, where he brought her in order to take her away from her beau Marco (JC Santos) and hide from the enemies who wanted him dead. In his pursuit of winning her heart again, Cardo did everything, which included pulling off a production number singing the classic smash hit “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin” by the late OPM icon April Boy Regino, with the help of his newfound friends in the barrio. And he succeeded because he only didn’t make Alyana smile, but persuaded her to accept his marriage proposal, too!


Basti and Iris, Till I Met You

Just when one proposal wasn’t enough, Basti (James Reid) proposed marriage to his beloved wife Iris (Nadine Lustre) twice. The first one happened while they were at a convenience store, which initially startled her since their relationship was just new and their families weren’t okay with each other yet that time. Nonetheless, she still accepted his marriage proposal and the makeshift ring he made on the spot out of a fiber from his bracelet. In pursuit of finally making things right, Basti decided to propose to her again, but this time, with the special participation of their families, friends, and even a few ka-barangays who helped him organize a simple yet romantic proposal.


Anton and Andeng, A Love To Last

Wrapping up this list is the unique marriage proposal of Anton (Ian Veneracion) to Andeng (Bea Alonzo), as he brought him to a jewelry store and let her choose which engagement ring she preferred to have. And just when she thought that he only wanted her to choose, she was stunned to find out that they were already buying it. But what made her more astonished was when he suddenly knelt in front of her and offered her the ring as she asked her to marry him. Of course, she said “yes” with much joy and excitement on her face!

Which among these onscreen marriage proposals made you kilig the most, Kapamilya?