Road to Miss Universe: Five Years of National Pride by Our Filipina Delegates - Miss Universe Fourth Runner-up Venus Raj

A part of the annual Miss Universe pageant is the Miss Universe National Costume Show, which is also called the Parade of the Nations. It presents the contestants from all over the world as they're clad in their respective national wear. The ladies beam with pride both their name and the name of the country from which they came from and represent their ethnicity through the colorful costumes.

As we count the days for Miss Universe 2015, let's take a look at how our Filipina beauties showcased the Philippine culture and heritage through the version of the national costume they wore on the Miss Universe competitions from 2010 to 2014.



Miss Universe Fourth Runner-up Venus Raj showcased a Manton de Manila-inspired wear, which was designed by the Colombian Alfredo Barraza. 

It was in 1565 when the Manila galleon trade started and when the exchange of items between Canton and Manila flourished. One of the items that came from the eastern coutnry was the silk shawl, usually folded in half like a triangle and worn over the shoulders of women. This later became known as the manton de Manila.

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