Road to Miss Universe: Filipina Delegates Get Creative on the Runway 1
Being able to walk confidently on the runway is one of the primary requirements for becoming a model and/or a beauty pageant contestant. However, the best of the crop do not simply sashay onstage. They, much like our Filipina delegates to the international Miss Universe pageant, have come up with ways to make their catwalk exposure unique from the rest and immediately make them stand out from the over 90 contestant.
As we count the days for Miss Universe 2015, let's relive how each of our Filipina delegates since 2014 owned the runway of world through their trademark struts. 2010
Miss Universe Fourth Runner-up Venus Raj became known for her "Pilapil Walk." Prior to being a beauty queen, the Filipina delegate lived a simple life in Camarines Sur. She came from a family of farmers and the rice field is her playground. She confessed that she learned her model's walk by practicing on the narrow borders of the fields as a young child and dreamer. Thus, the "pilapil" inspiration.


The trademark strut of Miss Universe Third Runner-up Shamcey Supsup was called the "Tsunami Walk" because of the movement and fluid motion of her legs similar to a water surge.


Miss Universe First Runner-up Janine Tugonon popularized the "Cobra Walk." It was her way of showing power while on the runway.