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Two years after witnessing the fun and action-packed adventures of the six valiant young warriors of the fictional world of Sansinukob, we’re going to have another chance to join the elite group anew as the full episodes of Bagani will be streamed on the official ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube channel for free and for limited time only through YouTube Super Stream

Despite the controversies it met even prior to its premiere, Bagani still went on and turned out to be a success. As what we’ve mentioned, its narrative revolves around the lives of the six chosen warriors of Sansinukob and the struggles and conflicts of the communities each of them belongs to – Lakas of the Desert Region, Ganda of the Farm Region, Lakam of the Trade Region, Mayari of the Sea Region, and Dumakulem of the Forest Region.

Impeccably played by Enrique Gil, Lakas grew up to be an outcast after his parents were tagged as traitors, and eventually got killed, for firmly upholding to what they know is right. He may be orphaned and bullied by the other folks, yet his loving foster parents were still able to raise him into a kind and courageous young man known for his skills as a swordsman and the power of the Minokawa in helping not only his people, but of the whole Sansinukob as well.

In one his townsfolks’ attempt to rob the farmers off their harvests, Lakas met the endearing yet feisty younger sister of the leader of the Farm Region. Just like its actress Liza Soberano, behind her beautiful face is a fierce warrior who does not surrender easily without fighting for what she believes in is right and knows how to skillfully use her trusty bow. She and Lakas went on to become a couple and their unending love for one another was what she saved her from death in the latter part of the story.

But Lakas and Ganda’s love journey was not easy as the remaining heir of the ruler of the Tagakalakals Lakam, portrayed by Matteo Guidicelli, attempted to get in their way by willingly releasing the evil Sarimaw (Ryan Eigenmann) as his way of avenging them after Ganda rejected him. Lakam repented it in the end and joined them and the other Baganis in defeating Sarimaw by using his mighty hammer axe and the tremendous strength of Bernardo Carpio that he holds.

The Taga-Gubats may be afraid of exploring the world outside the forest they live in, but the naturally charming and fun-loving Dumakulem, played by Makisig Morales, begs to differ. He may be naïve, but his being observant, smart, and resourceful, along with his dexterity in arnis and the power of Liwliwa he holds, equipped him in the greatest battle he had to face as a Bagani.

Her journey in the series may be shortlived, but we were all enthralled by Sofia Andres’ character Mayari, a slave from the Sea Region who used her courage, intuition, as well as her dagger and the power of Kataw, in defending her family, their rulers, and their whole race. Unfortunately, she was killed after being hit by Sarimaw’s deadly lightning. She was able to go back to life later in the series, but as an enemy of the Baganis after her dead body was used by the ruthless villainess Malaya (Kristine Hermosa) in order to kill Lakas. She got killed again in the end.

And there’s Liksi, impressively portrayed by Zaijian Jaranilla, whose dream of being a bagani finally came true when he was chosen to acquire the power of Kataw and be the protector of the Taga-Laots. He and his family may have lived from the Trade Region, but it was later on revealed that they were once slaves from the Sea Region.

In the end, as we all know, they were all able to defeat Sarimaw and the other wicked enemies that arose and save Sansinukob.

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