REVIEW: Love Unlock presents catchy, delightful, relevant stories in the time of pandemic

After thrilling us with their big screen stints in the previous years, on-screen pairs Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz were reunited in the back-to-back digital short film titled Love Unlock, which premiered last August 15, Saturday, on Kapamilya Online Live.



Produced by RCD Narratives, the same production unit that brings us the primetime series A Soldier’s Heart, the said twin-bill delighted viewers with its two different stories of love to which many viewers were surely able to relate with. Both were helmed by renowned director Dado C. Lumibao and written by seasoned screenwriters Arah Jell Badayos and Benson Logronio.



First-off was “E-Numan”, which starred former reel-to-real tandem JoshLia, who delighted us with their starring stints on “Vince And Kath And James” (2016), “Love You To The Stars And Back” (2017), “Unexpectedly Yours” (2017), “I Love You, Hater” (2018), and Ngayon At Kailanman (2018), as ex-lovers Beej and Tin. In light of the community quarantine, theirs characters agreed to have an online drinking session with their college barkada that was organized by their friend Mary Grace (Trina Legaspi) via video call.


REVIEW Love Unlock presents catchy delightful relevant stories in the time of pandemic 1


However, what was supposed to be a fun online get-together and sweet rekindling of their friendship turned sour and heart-breaking as their unresolved issues unearthed and they poured their hearts out through a game, particularly among Beej, Tin, and Sasa (Kazel Kinouchi). Unfortunately, instead of patching things up among them, it only made matters worse as their drinking session ended with them figuring in a heated spat and broken hearts. The truth about each of them was revealed as soon as the call ended – Beej and Tin were both still haven’t moved on yet from each other, Sasa already has a baby, Zei (Milo Elmido) is taking up medications for an illness, Ram (Royce Cabrera) has not quit yet his passion in music, while Mary Grace is struggling with her family life.


One can identify the pain of Beej who was left behind by his ex-girlfriend as Joshua didn’t fail to elicit the emotions needed for his scenes. We also couldn’t help but be amazed on how Julia nailed her portrayal of Tin who has been bitter all along as she felt being betrayed by her college boyfriend and bestfriend. Milo, Royce, Trina, and Kazel also shone in this film as they all did a great job in playing their supporting roles.


Its ending was not the usual take, but it's like leaving a stabbing knife in the characters' hearts. The audiences were left with unanswered questions regarding the uncertainties that this pandemic has caused humankind. Thus, props to its writer Benson Logronio for successfully stirring the minds and emotions of the audience through the nagging truths he laid out in this narrative.



The second mini movie was “Hook-Up”, featuring “Always Be My Maybe” (2016) stars Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz as lovers Carlo and Michelle who were separated by lockdown.


REVIEW Love Unlock presents catchy delightful relevant stories in the time of pandemic 2


Just like many couples out there, Michelle and Carlo were in being at each other’s side most of the time, until this pandemic happened. So, from being enclosed in each other’s arms, holding hands, kisses on the lips, and doing other couple “deeds”, they had to resort on seeing and talking to one another via video call.


Thus, as they yearned to spice things up, they attempted to make love online which always led to failure. As they tried over and over again, they were able to discover a few things that they didn’t know yet about each other that caused both a small misunderstanding between them and the fortifying of their relationship. And in their latest attempt, Carlo did the unexpected – proposing marriage to Michelle in front of their friends


Arci and Gerald indeed didn’t fall short in making us kilig with their unmistakable chemistry and miss seeing them together. Despite not being able to act in the flesh together, they still succeeded in tickling us with their impressive execution of their naughty exchanges and behaviors. Of course, Direk Dado Lumibao and writer Arah Jell Badayos should be regarded in the success of this awesome project.


Despite not being in a typical production set and the lack of production crew, the director, writers, some staff, and the actors were still able to brilliantly pull off this project. The actors had to go the extra mile aside from acting as they’re also the ones to set up their cameras, check the audios, and act as production designers from their respective homes with the guidance of the production crew.


You may still re-watch Love Unlock on the official YouTube channel of ABS-CBN Entertainment, along with the other Kapamilya programs on Kapamilya Online Live for free.