REVEALED: Kathryn Bernardo’s new BUOY

I've finally found the one to keep me safe and protected at home during the new normal. Siya na ang palagi kong kasama na I can surely rely on!
- Kathryn Bernardo on Instagram

Kathryn Bernardo recently shared on Instagram about finally finding the one to keep her safe and protected at home during the new normal. She goes on to say “siya na ang palagi kong kasama na I can surely rely on,” leading us to think that she’s found a new boy. However, we don’t think she fooled any of us die hard KathNiel fans for a minute. Sorry, haters, you can’t sink this ship.


The new BUOY in town

Surprise! It’s ‘BUOY, not boy –Lifebuoy, to be precise. And it’s not exactly new. Lifebuoy used to be in the Philippine market as the go-to hygiene brand way before KathNiel became a thing. Now, the world’s leading antibacterial soap** is back in the Philippines to fight 99.9% of bacteria and viruses* with Kathryn Bernardo as it’s newest handfluencer.

Kathryn fan Fatima L. Amir called it out and even commented on Facebook. I guess we can say she caught Kathryn... red-handed


With the new standards in health and hygiene today, Lifebuoy wants to help build a healthier community through frequent hand washing. By now, we all know that virus is highly spread through transmission of the things we touch, among other ways. This is why you shouldn’t be touching your face without washing your hands first, Kapamilya!

And that’s why Kathryn invites everyone to #DoTheLifebuoy: to simply just wash hands as often as you can with Lifebuoy antibacterial products. Frequent hand washing with Lifebuoy and its unique ActivSilver+ formula can help prevent the spread of germs, and thus lessen the chances of you becoming infected with the virus –and spreading the virus. As Kathryn mentioned, it’s a powerful germ fighter that’s good to have on your side.

So, just like Kathryn, stick to one. #DoTheLifebuoy by washing your hands regularly with a reliable and effective antibacterial soap like Lifebuoy. Be a handfluencer, and spread good hygiene habits –not the virus!


I feel extra confident with my Daily Hygiene Essentials from Lifebuoy, such as the handwash, soap, and sanitizer, guaranteed to fight 99.9% of bacteria and viruses*.


#DoTheLifebuoy with Kathryn and Jaz Reyes on LazLive on September 9 at 6pm.


Lifebuoy has new antibacterial handwashes, bar soaps and hand sanitizers to fight bacteria and viruses. Try them today for up to 40% off at the #DoTheLifebuoy Super Sale from Sept 9-12, 2020 on either Lazada or Shopee.
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