REVEALED: Kathryn Bernardo’s Favorite People

Starring in the highest-grossing Filipino movie and garnering prestigious awards here and there, Kathryn Bernardo is without a doubt, at her peak--on top of her game. And while she has created a powerful name for herself, she’s never failed to thank the people closest to her heart--the ones who bring out the best in her.

We give you, Kathryn Bernardo’s favorite people.


Kathryn and her reel and real-life boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, have definitely come a long way since their first appearance on Growing Up. For eight years, they have worked as a love team--until they both decided that it was time for them to try going separate ways temporarily for a film. And so Daniel’s role as leading man was passed on to Alden Richards in ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’.

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      Photo credits: @bernardokath and @supremo_dp on Instagram

It wasn’t easy for the couple, but in the end, going out of their comfort zone definitely paid off! Following the huge success of  "Hello, Love, Goodbye", Kathryn Bernardo took to Instagram how Daniel became instrumental to her breakthrough--allowing her to ‘fly’.

TBH, this is the kind of love team we’re definitely rooting for!


If you follow Kathryn on Instagram, you would notice how she’s close to her family--the ‘BEARnardos’, as she would call them.

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     Photo credit: @bernardokath on Instagram

In her Magandang Buhay interview, she shared how her parents their kids equally, regardless of the fact that Kathryn is one of the most sought after artists in the country. Because of this, she has remained grounded--always working hard to achieve her dreams.


She might not look like your typical tita, but Kathryn is actually a proud aunt to her adorable six-year-old niece, Lhexine. Their photos on Instagram are just too cute!

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      Photo credit: @bernardokath on Instagram

From spending the holidays to going shopping, Lhexine is practically Kathryn’s mini-me!


After meeting on the set of  "Sisterakas", Kathryn and Arisse, or ‘KathRisse’, as shippers would call them, have become inseparable. From hitting the gym to exploring the world, these two have found a soul sister in each other--serving us some major #BFFGoals.

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     Photo credit: @bernardokath

And while Arisse had to leave for Australia to chase her dreams, there’s no doubt that their solid friendship is for keeps.

5.    CLOUD

Being a dog lover, Kathryn has a soft spot for her golden retriever, Cloud--who isn’t exactly a person, but a baby nonetheless! Despite her hectic schedule, she would always make time for Cloud, taking him on trips and making sure he’s well taken care of

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  Photo credit: @bernardogcath on Instagram

As a fur mom, it’s important to Kathryn that Cloud stays healthy and LISTO GANADO. That’s why she gives Cloud NUTRI CHUNKS, a nutritionally complete and balanced dog food made delicious, with dog-approved, real meat--complete with Omega-3 and Omega-6! It also has Activ-Boost Formula for optimum energy levels, and Prebiotics to strengthen immunity, and promote a healthy digestive tract. For Kath, baby Cloud deserves nothing less!

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We’re 100% positive that the future holds more wonderful things for Kathryn Bernardo. And as she continues to be an inspiration to fans all over the country, we’re pretty sure that Daniel, her family, Lhexine, Arisse, and Cloud will be there to support her every step of the way.