Restore your faith in everlasting love by re-watching Walang Hanggan on YouTube Super Stream!

The teleserye that gave birth to the controversial team-up of Coco Martin and Julia Montes, Walang Hanggan has definitely remained as one of the all-time favorite classics of avid Kapamilya viewers through the years.

And nine years after its highly successful run, we are given another chance to witness the eternal love of star-crossed lovers Katerina Alcantara and Daniel Guidotti this 2021 as ABS-CBN Entertainment streams its full episodes on its official YouTube channel through YouTube Super Stream!

Restore your faith in everlasting love by re watching Walang Hanggan on YouTube Super Stream  1

Those who were able to dutifully watch it every night on primetime before surely knew how this exceptional romance-drama series went. But for those who have forgotten it or haven’t seen it yet, this, as what we’ve mentioned, followed the love story of Katerina and Daniel that have gone through a lot of challenges and made us believe that nothing or nobody could ever separate two people who genuinely love each other – even death.

It actually started with their parents Marco (Richard Gomez) and Emily (Dawn Zulueta), whose romance was ruined by the former’s domineering mom Margaret (Helen Gamboa) as she wanted him to marry a rich banker named Jane (Rita Avila), rather than Emily who’s the daughter of an old worker in their hacienda. It was later on found out that Margaret also had a feud with his sister Henya (Susan Roces) with regards to the same man they both loved – Joseph (Eddie Gutierrez).

Restore your faith in everlasting love by re watching Walang Hanggan on YouTube Super Stream  2

Years passed by, the paths of Katerina and Daniel would intertwine after the former’s father adopted the latter, who was a street boy then, into the Hacienda Alcantara and became the adoptive grandchild of Henya. They became best friends and eventually fell in love with one another, but only to get successfully ruined by Katerina’s brother Tomas (Joem Bascon) and beau Nathan (Paulo Avelino), the son of Marco and Jane.

Just when Tomas thought that he’s able to kill Daniel after fatally stabbing him and plunging him down into the waterfalls, Emily and his assistant Miguel (Nonie Buencamino), who just arrived back to the Philippines, were able to save and help him. Heartbroken, Daniel decided to live with Emily in Milan, Italy in order to prepare for his vengeance against Tomas and Nathan. Upon hearing the news about Katerina and Nathan’s upcoming wedding, they immediately went back to the country to execute their plans against Tomas and the Montenegros.

That’s when things began to get complicated and action-packed as Tomas and Nathan were unstoppable in taking Daniel and Katerina away from each other and making his life miserable. While Marco and Emily were able to rekindle their romance after his marriage with Jane completely went on the rocks and later on got annulled, the fight had been tough for Katerina and Daniel as they had to go through great lengths in order to be reunited again and eventually get married.

However, just when we thought that they’re going to live a happily ever after like Marco and Emily -- who were later on blessed to have a child of their own who they also named Daniel -- Daniel and Katerina were killed in different instances. Yet, their unforeseen demise still made it possible for them to be blissfully together in the after-life in the finale episode of the series.

Aside from the actors mentioned above, part of the powerhouse ensemble cast of Walang Hanggan were Melissa Ricks as Johanna Montenegro, Eula Valdes as Jean “Black Lily” Bonifacio/Jane Bonifacio-Montenegro, Shamaine Buencamino as Luisa Alcantara, Ogie Diaz as Kenneth, Arlene Muhlach as Perla, Nanding Josef as Ernesto, John Medina as James Ocampo, and Josh Ivan Morales as David Conde. Other popular Kapamilya stars then also had their guest appearances on the show during Katerina’s 18th birthday party and her wedding with Daniel.

Restore your faith in everlasting love by re watching Walang Hanggan on YouTube Super Stream  3

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