Relive the kilig, drama in Ikaw Lamang via YouTube Super Stream!

It’s already been seven years since Ikaw Lamang dominated not only our primetime viewing in 2014, but our hearts as well, due to its absolutely riveting and stirring narrative about love that spanned decades and different generations. And this 2021, ABS-CBN Entertainment is bringing it back for us to revisit one of the most notable teleseryes in local television history via YouTube Super Stream.

Avid Kapamilya viewers and fans of its lead stars Coco Martin, Kim Chiu, Julia Montes, Jake Cuenca, and KC Concepcion arguably still remember by heart how the series went. But for those who have probably forgotten or aren’t familiar with it, Ikaw Lamang revolved around the lives and complicated romantic affairs involving the scions of three main families featured in this remarkable tale.

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It ran for seven months and had two seasons – with the entire first season featured the story of Samuel (Coco Martin), Isabelle (Kim Chiu), Mona (Julia Montes), Franco (Jake Cuenca) set in the period between 1950s to 1980s while the second season followed the lives of Gabriel (Coco), Andrea (Kim), and Natalia (KC Concepcion) set in the 2000s, with brief flashbacks from the 90s. Both largely took place in the small town of Salvacion in Negros Occidental.

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The narrative commenced in the 1950s, when the relationship of the affluent haciendero Eduardo Hidalgo (Tirso Cruz III) with one of the workers in his sugarcane plantation, Elena (Cherry Pie Picache), was purposely hindered by his butler Maximo (Ronaldo Valdez) by kicking her out of the town for a crime she didn’t commit, so that it would be his daughter Miranda (Cherie Gil) who Eduardo would marry. Elena and Miranda later on gave birth to their respective sons named Samuel and Franco.

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As Elena and her family returned to Salvacion, that’s when Samuel (Zaijian Jaranilla) met and became friends with Isabelle (Alyanna Angeles), the daughter of the wealthy couple Gonzalo (John Estrada) and Rebecca (Angel Aquino) Miravelez, and Franco (Louise Abuel), the son of Miranda and Eduardo. But their blooming friendship immediately got tainted and turned into a relentless rivalry between Samuel and Franco that further worsened when they became adults.

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Even though they had to part ways for a long time – as Isabelle studied in London with Franco, while Samuel stayed in Salvacion fighting for the injustices against the workers – Isabelle and Samuel’s love for each other remained, much to the dismay of Franco and Mona, the loyal best friend of Samuel who’s secretly in love with him.

Since the people around them were not in favor of their romance, they planned to elope but it was foiled by Gonzalo and Maximo. They had Samuel abducted and tortured, while Isabelle was forced to marry Franco. The heartbroken and drunk Samuel later on had a one-night stand with Mona that ensued to their marriage as well. Isabelle and Franco gave birth to their daughter Natalia, while Samuel and Mona were blessed with a son they named Gabriel.

Despite already being married, Franco couldn’t help but think that his wife was still in love with his former beau, to the point that he doubted that he was the father of their second she was bearing then. He spread the rumor regarding Samuel and Isabelle’s alleged illicit affair in the whole Salvacion, which took a toll on Samuel’s relationship with Mona.

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Although Samuel was able to make amends with his wife, their marriage still didn’t last long after Mona got killed an ambush ordered by Maximo, as his way of hampering Samuel’s candidacy as mayor of their town and making his grandson Franco win. Isabelle then prematurely gave birth to Andrea, her second daughter with Franco, but that only made him abuse her more and use the kids to keep her from leaving, as he still firmly believed that it’s her child with Samuel.

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Thus, in order to save Isabelle, Samuel planned to take her and her daughters with him and his family and friends to Manila with them. Unfortunately, Franco was able to find out about it, so he took Natalia from Isabelle and planted a bomb on the ship they were aboard at. The bomb indeed exploded, which resulted to the death of some of them and the separation of those who were able to survive.

After many years, the paths of Gabriel, Natalia, and Andrea intertwined, which was laden with vengeance as Gabriel executed his revenge against Franco (Christopher De Leon) by sabotaging Natalia’s wedding and later on entering into a relationship with her only to destroy it in favor of Jacq. As Gabriel and Jacq followed Natalia to Salvacion, it was revealed and confirmed via DNA test that Jacq was the long-lost daughter of Franco and Isabelle – Andrea.

However, instead of reuniting his family, Franco’s aggressiveness to keep his family by locking up Andrea and Isabelle to prevent them from escaping again, just completely tore them apart. Franco killed Samuel after the latter and his son Gabriel rescued Andrea and Isabelle, which got him arrested for murder, falsification of documents, and domestic violence. But he refused to surrender to the authorities and even held Andrea as hostage, which ensued to a duel between him and Gabriel that resulted to his tragic death after falling off the ship and getting pierced by the ship’s anchor.

They may have gone through a lot of obstacles, but all’s well that ends well for Andrea and Gabriel as they got married in the end. Gabriel was also able to regain the piece of land that Franco took away from their family.

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