Relationship Rules from our fave BL couple, Tine & Sarawat

Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making a relationship last takes hard work—lots of it. Take it from Sarawat and Tine themselves! Through the highs and lows, they’ve managed to keep their love alive. How did they make it work? Read on!

1. They appreciate each other.

Remember that time when Sarawat brought Tine to see Scrubb live? After the show, Tine made it a point to thank Sarawat for inviting him.

We all want to feel appreciated and validated for what we do. It’s the same when it comes to relationships. Take time and energy to recognize your partner’s efforts. Trust us—a bit of gratitude makes a big difference!

2. They allow themselves to be vulnerable.

When Tine and Sarawat finally let their guard down, that’s when they became totally comfortable with each other. 

Being open and honest with your partner can be a little scary at first. But if you really think about it, it’s a foolproof way to really connect and empathize with your significant other. 

3. They make each other feel special.

No matter how long you've been together, it's important to make your partner feel loved. It doesn’t even have to be a grand gesture. It’s really the little things that count!

Remember when Tine went out of his way to tend to Sarawat’s wounds after the football match? You could just see love in their eyes, even when they don’t say anything.

4. They admit their mistakes.

We witnessed how Tine & Sarawat’s relationship was put to the test when Pam came into the picture. But in the end, Sarawat recognized his mistakes—asking Tine to trust him again as he dedicated a song for him.

5. They trust each other.

Their insecurities might have gotten in the way, but the couple never lost faith in each other. 

Being able to trust your partner is one of the most important parts of a serious relationship. If you don’t have it, it just wouldn’t work. You see, the thing about trust is that it’s earned. You have to always follow through—just like Tine and Sarawat!

While these things seem small, they go a very long way towards keeping the spark alive in your relationship. For more relationship rules from Tine & Sarawat, catch the much-awaited (Still) 2Gether: The Series on iWant for FREE! The five-part sequel dropped last Friday, August 14, and fans just can’t get enough of it!

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