Rediscover the fambam with your fave snacks!

Quarantined for almost a year, Filipino families rediscovered two things – the unique qualities of each member and the love for snacking together. Because even with an eclectic mix of personalities, there are snacks like Rebisco Sandwich that can keep everyone happy! 

With its assorted flavors, there is a creamy filling perfect for the family members’ varying tastes and preferences.

Chocolate is for those who exude romance. Think of mom – she’s comfort, elegance and love combined!This crowd favorite also represents, well, the favorites like the clan’s achievers. 

Traditional doesn’t always mean boring! Butter, the perfect blend of classic tastes with a hint of sweetness, is for the relative who’s kind of strict and straightforward, but thoughtful. 

Do you think you have an effervescent spirit? You are the fambam’s strawberry – fiercely charming and enthusiastic. Perfect for the dulcet ‘kikay’ of the house! 

Oh, the modest cream! It represents the cozy, creative introverts who love to feed the mind and soul. Think of the family’s bookworms or the laidback gamer who loves to spend time alone.

Pastillas is for the cool kid with a knack for sarcasm and a little bit of mischief. And by adding ‘fiesta’ at its name, we’re also reminded of the bubbly relative bursting with zest and energy – the chatty Tita, perhaps?

The ‘nutty’ taste of peanut butter is perfect for the silly jokers! 

Nothing truly beats the ‘sarap ng feeling’ we get from light and warm family moments– however multifaceted our happy little home is. Sabi nga ni Josh, “Magkakaiba pero iisa ang gusto!” Which Rebisco Sandwich flavor are you?  

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