Raise your flags, Philippines!

Raise your flags, Philippines! Today...on NATIONAL FLAG DAY, we take a moment to salute our medical frontliners who continue to fight the battle against CoVid 19.



The Salute To A Clean Flag Movement (STACF) is a private sector initiative that has taken the proper display of the National Flag as its advocacy. 

On May 28 every year, the National Flag Day (NFD), we celebrate the unfurling of the first Philippine National Flag in commemoration of the victorious Battle of Alapan in Cavite against the Spanish troops. This opens the month-long season of Philippine Independence festivities.

Raise your flags Philippines  1

On this day and all through the month of June, we encourage all Filipinos to proudly display Philippine flags in their homes and establishments until June 30 (Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day).

Raise your flags Philippines  2

Under our Philippine flag, we proudly stand united despite our regional ties, religion and political affiliations. Under our flag, we are all Filipino.

Mabuhay ang minamahal nating Pilipinas!