Priscilla & Kaila’s Japanese food trip

Just when we thought that Priscilla Meirelles was already done bonding with her stepdaughter Kaila Estrada, we were delighted to see them together again for the third time in the latest vlog that she uploaded on her official Facebook page.

After knowing a bit more about Kaila’s life as an actress and outside the limelight by interviewing her while they did fluid acrylic painting, Priscilla went on to invite her to a fun and mouth-watering Japanese food trip at a newly-opened mall in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. And since this made them reminisce about their most recent trip to Japan, the beauty queen-turned-actress completed the experience by wearing a kimono. 

For their first meal, she ordered soba, salmon sashimi, California maki, dragon roll, katsu, and tempura, which really impressed them both because of the rich taste and huge servings. They then headed to their go-to ramen house, which both of them believe offers the most authentic ramen here in the Philippines. The Can’t Buy Me Love actress imparted that ramen is actually one of her favorite foods, but she cannot eat it often since it is high in calories. But her favorite variant of it is the tsukemen, also known as the “dipping ramen noodles.”

Of course, every food trip wouldn’t be complete without dessert, right? Since both of them are huge dessert lovers, with a mutual inclination to ice cream, Priscilla and Kaila were indeed thrilled about the ice cream, doughnuts, kakigori (traditional Japanese shaved ice dessert), and frozen strawberry desserts they had. They couldn’t help but gush over everything because of their delectable taste which really blew their minds and made it hard for them to stop scooping. 

Apart from their shared love for ice cream, we found out that both of them love coffee, too! Just when we thought that they were already full after everything they had consumed, they proceeded to a Japanese cafe to have their caffeine fix. While waiting for their orders, Priscilla revealed that Kaila actually has a secret talent for sleeping anywhere and in any position, which truly makes her envious. The Linlang star recounted the time they were walking in the streets of Japan going to a mall and she suddenly fell asleep while holding onto the arms of her dad, John Estrada. 

With how they just feasted on Japanese food and chatted throughout this vlog, Kaila claimed that it was the “best day ever” for her!