Working Mom put together the best Mother's Day special with Karla Estrada & kids on the cover

This month, it's all about you! Working Mom put together the best Mother's Day special—starting with a Mother's Day exclusive with Karla Estrada, mom to teenage sensation Daniel Padilla. Read how this single mom goes through life with her superstar son at her side, and how their tandem (and Karla's unique parenting style) makes for a happy, contented family. 

     And that's not all—we have over a hundred ways to make you feel great now, from gifts, treats to getting the chance to seize your wishes and dreams. We also gathered beauty experts, from celebrity makeup artists, beauty journalists and insiders, and got the dish on the best makeup and tools that they have in their personal stash. Feeling overwhelmed with work? We've got the ways for you to calm down and find the energy for when you need it. Also in the magazine: priceless heirloom recipes, melt-in-your-mouth comfort food, inspiring home accents and addicting scents!

     It's a packed May 2014 issue, so make sure to grab Working Mom at your favorite newsstand today!