Will Sir Chief’s birthday party be a success?

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” Esmeralda and Maya hatch a plan to have Roberto and Richard reconcile. Richard’s birthday party is approaching and Esmeralda thinks that her moving out of her hotel room will force her husband and son to talk about their problem. 

Back at Roberto’s hotel room, Richard confronts his father about what happened to him and his mother. The confrontation results to an intense argument but was cut-off by the arrival of Maya and Esmeralda. Though Richard tells his mother that he is fine with pursuing his birthday party already, both women acted aloof towards their respective partners. Back at the mansion, Richard’s children surprise him with a birthday card and a personalized t-shirt on the strike of midnight. Maya however sends him a lame birthday greeting via text. This makes Richard ask Manang Fe about Maya’s cold treatment towards him. However, the old woman says he shouldn’t overanalyze the situation. 

Meanwhile, Roberto, who is quite happy that his wife is back, decides to surprise her with breakfast and a white rose. However, Esmeralda disregards his sweet act and on her way out, leaves a cowboy outfit for Roberto should he decide to come to Richard’s party. 

Will Roberto come to Richard’s party? Will the party run smoothly? Find out on the upcoming episodes of “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays at 11:45 AM on ABS-CBN.