Will Charlie push Mia off a cliff in "When A Man Falls In Love"

Mia may have survived Charlie’s first attempt at killing her, but Charlie won’t give up that easily as he once again dares to end Mia’s life by pushing her off a cliff in “When a Man Falls in Love.”

Anthony takes Mia on a camping trip with some friends so that she can relax for a while. As Mia sits alone in the woods, Charlie suddenly comes out and pushes her wheelchair towards a mountain cliff. On their way up, Charlie tells Mia how much he hates her for fooling around with his brother Jake and close friend Anthony. Once they get to the top, Charlie once again puts Mia’s life in peril. Will he push through with his plan? Will this be the end of Mia? Will Charlie finally get rid of her for good? What will Anthony do once he learns that Charlie is behind Mia’s accident? Don’t miss “When a Man Falls in Love” weeknights after “Maria Mercedes” only on the first and true home of Asianovelas, ABS-CBN.

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