Victor gets revived back to life

On “Dugong Buhay,” Sandy, Tope and Isabel are relieved when Victor’s faint heart stabilizes and he finally wakes up. While Victor was in a deep sleep, he dreamt about having a picnic with his adoptive mother, Elena. Tired that he is, he confesses his desire to join her in the afterlife but Elena enlightens him to not give up, forgive and follow his heart and happiness. With that, Elena leaves him and Victor wakes up in his hospital bed to find a tearful Isabel, who promises that they will start their lives as a family anew.

Victor insists that he is not Gabriel and gets irritated whenever the topic is brought up. He thinks that Simon, his one and only father, simply tricked the De Laras into believing that he is their son as part of their plans to take them down.

Meanwhile, Enrique learns that Victor’s DNA matches theirs positively but he wants their situation to be further investigated.

Will Enrique finally prove that Victor is their son, Gabriel? Will Victor be able to accept the fact that he is Gabriel, the De Lara’s long lost son? Don’t miss the last few episodes of “Dugong Buhay” at its new timeslot, 4:15PM after “Kapamilya Blockbusters” on Kapamilya Gold.