Tired Maya gets mad at Cho, Abby
On Be Careful with My Heart, Maya’s officemates visit her and the twins. Emman tells Maya that she looks haggard, which makes Maya sad and conscious about her looks. Maya puts on make-up and sprays perfume on herself but unfortunately, Sky starts to sneeze when she carries her. Richard tells Maya that the twins might have an allergic reaction to her make-up and perfume. Maya cries in the bathroom frustrated as she removes her make up.
The next day, Kute and Cho arrive at the mansion. Maya is happy again as she hugs Kute tightly. However, she gets irritated at Cho and Abby as they unintentionally made the twins cry.
What can be done to ease Maya’s stress? Keep on watching, Be Careful with My Heart, weekdays after The Singing Bee on ABS-CBN.