The numbers dictate the winners on the 3rd Live Show of The Voice of the Philippines

From Team Sarah, Morissette Amon belted “What About Love,” while Maki Ricafort gave an excellent rendition of “Every Breath You Take.” Morissete’s performance earned both Coach Sarah and the public’s vote, which totaled to 110.41 points.

From Team Lea, Darryl stirred emotions with “Balita,” while Mitoy showed he can sing sad songs with “Paano.” In the end, it was Mitoy who stayed with a total score of 104.11 points. The 60% vote from Coach Lea tipped the numbers in favor of  Mitoy, even when the public gave Darryl a higher vote of 55.89% than Mitoy’s 44.11%.

From Team Bamboo, Lee Grane sang her version of “Losing My Religion,” while Paolo Onesa charmed with “Skyfall.” However, both Coach Bamboo and the public gave Paolo a higher vote, which totaled to 141.24 points.

From Team Apl, Penelope Matanguihan did a sexy rendition of “Superstar,” while Thor Dulay sang his best with “Lately.” Coach Apl gave Thor an advantage of only 5% over Penelope, when he gave 55% of his vote to Thor. However, the public decided on Thor by giving 64.72% of their votes to him, which earned him a total of 119.72 points.