The De Laras discover that who robbed them on “Dugong Buhay”
The story intensifies on “Dugong Buhay” as Enrique learns it was Victor who stole his employees’ payroll money.  However, Isabelle gets mad at Enrique instead, threatening that she will surrender him to the police if he tries to kill Victor. As soon as Enrique walks out on his wife, he receives an anonymous call from Simon, who mocks him on how Victor outwits them again.  

Meanwhile, Sandy receives flowers from a mystery guy. She sees Victor but doubts that it came from him. She later receives a call from Rafael, who sent her the flowers and he asks her on a date. Sandy declines

Will Enrique pursue Victor despite Isabelle’s threats? Keep on watching, “Dugong Buhay,” weekdays after “My Little Juan” on Kapamilya Gold.