The Battles begin on “The Voice PH”

Sixteen-year-old Rouxette Swinton and 22-year-old Dave Lamar completed Sarah Geronimo’s team of 13 in last night’s episode of “The Voice of the Philippines.” Sarah’s former co-star in 1DOL Emmanuelle Vera, on the other hand, completes Apl’s team, which signals the start of The Battles.

In The Battles, the coaches pair off their members into 5 duos and a trio. Each pair will compete against each other, singing the same song which their own coach and his/her preferred guest adviser personally picked for them. In the case where there are three members competing, only one will stay as two will be eliminated.

The teams soon meet their coaches and their guest advisers. The first to meet his team is Coach Apl and his chosen guest adviser, Arnel Pineda, vocalist of the world renowned band, Journey. His first pair for the Battles is Tristhan Perfecto versus the Lorenzana siblings, and they will sing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours.”

Meanwhile, Team Sarah introduces her guest adviser, Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano. And chooses her first Battle between Morissette Amon and Lecelle Trinidad. They will sing the song “No More Tears.”

On Camp Kawayan, Bamboo and his guest adviser, Joey Ayala choose Lee Grane to contend against Dan Billano with the song, “One” by U2.

Lastly, Lea Salonga and her guest adviser, her brother Gerard Salonga, picks Chien Berbana and Mitoy Yonting and they will both sing Heart’s “Alone.”