The Aswangs attack the Kapatiran

Laura finds the Kapatiran’s hiding place and tells Samuel where it is.

Agor and Peruja find out where Rabuyo is but before they can chase him, Rabuyo leaves the jewels with Pikoy.

Loley calls Juan and tells him what happened. Juan comes knowing that Rabuyo is in danger. Mira and her group also follow to save Rabuyo and to make sure that the jewel is protected from the hands of Peruja.

Pikoy follows Rabuyo and sees him being tortured by Peruja and Agor. He gets the jewel from his pocket and dangles it in front of Peruja and Agor.

Meanwhile, the Kapatiran accosts Tata Julian but Tata Julian won’t tell them where Juan is. Agustin then decides to take Tata Julian into their custody, while Agustin sends most of the members of the Kapatiran to look for Juan.

Samuel, with his troop of Aswang, attacks the Kapatiran’s hiding place. Laura promises Samuel not to come but she transforms into a manananggal and helps in the attack.

Tata Julian notices their presence but it’s too late. With the Aswang outnumbering them, will this the end of the Kapatiran? What will happen to Tata Julian? Keep watching Juan Dela Cruz weeknights at 7:30PM on ABS-CBN.