Teresita to give Arturo the chance to court her again?

On Be Careful with My Heart, Arturo talks to Teresita about his admirers and customers at the new Tsibugan. He assures Teresita that he will not court anybody anymore out of respect for her. Teresita, in turn, admits that she got hurt as Arturo’s admirers thought that she was his assistant, even calling her “manang.”

Arturo says he has no plans to marry and commends his wife’s beauty. He also offers to ban anyone who offends her from eating at the Tsibugan. Arturo suddenly blurts out that it is only Kute who is stopping him from courting Teresita again.

Later, Teresita tells Kute via phone call that Arturo is scared to court her again because of her. She also expresses her worry of growing old alone as Kute and Maya have their own families already. This does not seem to amuse Kute.

Will Kute allow Arturo to court Teresita? Keep on watching, Be Careful with My Heart, weekdays after The Singing Bee on ABS-CBN.

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