Teresita meets up with Arturo

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” an angry Teresita meets up with Arturo for the first time. She demands an answer from Arturo as to why he left them and never returned. Arturo tries to explain and apologizes but Teresita is not convinced. Both of them turn emotional and Teresita decides to leave. Arturo says that being able to apologize and talk to her is enough for him already.  

When Maya calls, Cho tells her that Teresita went some place she did not reveal. Later, Cho tells Teresita that he wants to see Arturo but it seems as if he and his mother, Kute has a problem. Also, Maya suspects that her mother met with her father.

Will everything be settled between Teresita and Arturo? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It.”

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