Stylish maternity wear pioneer shares her success story in "My Puhunan"

Entrepreneur Gina Gil-Lacuna gained attention when she broke the Guinness World Record for having the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles. But before she became a world title holder and a millionaire, Gina treaded a long path to success.

This Wednesday (Mar 25) in “My Puhunan,” broadcast journalist Karen Davila shares the story of Gina, who started her maternity wear business when she was only 17 years old.

Gina started making maternity wear at a time when nobody was selling stylish clothes for pregnant women. So she took the opportunity and made fashionable casual, office, formal maternity clothes using her mother’s sewing machine. Now, Gina’s company “Buntis” already has its own factory that produces 20,000 maternity dresses in a year.

Believing that pregnant women bring her luck, Gina will pay it forward and help an expectant mom who struggles to make ends meet by teaching her to design clothes and pillowcases and giving her a small capital to jumpstart her business.

Doris Bigornia, meanwhile, highlights the story of Nanay Macaria, who started adopting children when she was young. Macaria’s desire to help kids even deepened when she got married and found out she couldn’t bear children. Now 64 years old, Nanay Macaria has adopted over 15 kids.

Some of the kids she adopted are kids of her cousins and siblings, but most of them are not even related to her. She took care of them and sent them to school, even though most of them ended up returning home to their true parents.

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