Stella tells Makoy her secret

The kidnapped kids are already weak from hunger and thirst. Annaliza tries to bring up everybody’s spirits. She also scrounges for more food and shares it with everyone. PJ, meanwhile, finally manages to open the door. But they are disappointed when they see another locked door blocking their escape.

Guido and Laz try to force Makoy’s accomplice to tell them where Makoy could be hiding the children, but they fail to get an answer from him. Guido, however, remembers a place where he and Makoy used to go for vacations and he has a hunch the children were brought there. He tells the police where it is and tells them to follow him there.

In the meantime, Makoy finally agrees to meet with Stella. Stella tells him that Cathy is his child. Makoy drags Stella and tells her that they are going to the place where the kids are.

Back in the old house, PJ and the other kids have a brilliant idea. They join forces and successfully open the door using a piece of wood. Will these kids finally find their way home?

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