Stella gives up parental rights to Arlene

Amparo promises Makoy his freedom if he will tell her who masterminded Annaliza’s kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Annaliza, noticing Guido’s sadness, plans Guido’s birthday party with her friends to make him happy. Lui finds out from Jeric the truth about Annaliza, but they decide to stay together despite their families’ problems.

Cedrick sees them talking so Bianca says he cannot win their bet. But Cedrick says he is not yet ready to give up.

Guido also goes to Makoy and confirms the truth about Annaliza’s parentage. However, Makoy for some reason, no longer implicates Stella and says he kidnapped Annaliza for money.

Later, Amparo calls Stella and asks her to sign over her parental rights to Arlene, saying that she will keep mum about Stella’s part in Annaliza’s kidnapping. She also says signing the papers would mean nobody would ever find out about her dirty little secret. Stella signs the paper.

Guido hears Milet and Gusting talking and realizes that Stella could have had a part in all that’s happening. He comes home and asks Stella if she had any part in Annaliza’s kidnapping. Will Stella tell Guido the truth? Keep watching Annaliza weekdays at 5:50PM on ABS-CBN.